East Ascension High School unveils new Athletic Logos

East Ascension High School (EA) announces the creation of new athletic logos for the Spartans. EA and Ascension Public Schools worked with Torch Creative to design custom, professional logos unique to the school.

“We are so happy with the design, and we are very excited for everyone to see it,” said East Ascension High School Principal Traci McCorkle. “The Spartan is the mascot for many schools and teams, and we love that we now have one that is completely ours. One of my personal favorite components of the design is the hidden lowercase ‘ea’ in the Greek key. We hope our community loves it as much as we do!”

EA sealThe school has used the interlocking EA as its official logo since 2003. However, the school has used a variety of Spartan images over the years that are not unique to the school. These new, professionally-designed logos unify East Ascension High’s Spartans brand.

“I love the new Spartan logo! It signifies strength and character, and it has a larger than life feel to it,” said East Ascension High School Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Darnell Lee.

In order to create custom logos, EA and Ascension Public Schools engaged the services of a nationally recognized graphic design firm that specializes in athletic logos. Founded in 2005 by Brad Bishop and Michael Thurman, Torch Creative is a Dallas, Texas-based design studio with a heavy focus on branding, logo design and development, illustration and typography design. Among their national clients are LSU, Disney, the NBA, and the NHL.

Spartan seal“We were very excited to be asked to brand East Ascension High School,” said Michael Thurman, co-owner of Torch Creative. “The Spartan motif was a real pleasure to work with, and we’re very happy with the final marks. Torch is looking forward to seeing them in action!”

The new logos are trademark registered with the Louisiana Secretary of State Office and protected from unauthorized use in the categories of paper goods and printed matter, clothing, toys and sporting goods, and miscellaneous. This includes the custom lowercase “ea” Greek key. Those wishing to use the logos must receive written permission from the school and district. This is an important measure to protect the school’s brand

For more information about Torch Creative, visit www.torchcreative.com. For more information about East Ascension High School and Ascension Public Schools, visit https://www.apsb.org/