Pelican Crossing on Planning agenda for “Major Revision” on Wednesday

According to the meeting packet for Wednesday’s Ascension Parish Planning Commission a MAJOR REVISION is requested for Pelican Crossing, 4th, 5th, 6th Phases.  Originally approved on May 13, 2015, “the subject property is located on the east side of LA Hwy 44 north of LA Hwy 22 in Council District 2 and zoned Medium Intensity (RM).  The application is on behalf of Engquist – Level Development by Quality Engineering and Surveying, LLC.

Earlier drainage revisions (a “drainage facility is combined/relocated from the previously approved preliminary plat”) were approved in October 2017.  That application included the following:

The property is 138.5 acres and the applicant is proposing to add 3 phases to the existing Pelican Crossing subdivision. This plat contains 325 single family residential lots. Typical lot widths range from 53 to 80 feet; and have a minimum size of 6,625 square feet. The subdivision will include 6.5 acres of designated park space and complies with the major subdivision regulations.

The present application argues against the need for an updated Traffic Impact Study:

A traffic impact study was performed and completed by Neel-Schaffer in November 2014 for the referenced subdivision filings. The traffic impact study and the original preliminary plat were approved and accepted by the Parish of Ascension in May 2015. The traffic impact study recommended the installation of an exclusive northbound right turn lane on LA 44 at Pelican Crossing Drive in conjunction with construction of the 5th Filing. Plans for the turn lane have been permitted under DOTD Permit No. 61031903.

The traffic impact study was performed with the understanding that Filings 4 through 6 of the subdivision would include 365 single-family detached housing lots. The revised preliminary plat submitted in December 2019 for the referenced filings now includes 349 single family detached housing lots, a 4.4% reduction in lot count from the original traffic impact assessment.

Since the revised preliminary plat is considered a minor revision and since the update is expected to generate fewer vehicle trips than the traffic impact study predicted, an update to the approved traffic impact study is not required.

A 12-page Drainage Impact Study, dated January 31, 2020, is included in the packet.  It concluded “no significant impact to surrounding drainage.”

The Engineering Review Agent did not offer a recommendation concerning approval/denial of the subject request, a refreshing change from past practice.