Antebellum Pointe pulled from Wednesday Planning Commission agenda

Another Quality Engineered subdivision plat. It’s been a while.

According to a member of the seven member Planning Commission the 237-lot subdivision scheduled for consideration Wednesday, Antebellum Pointe, has been pulled from the agenda.  This comes after Corey Orgeron, the Parish Council representative for the area, took credit for the postponement on his social media page.  It is either “bald-faced lie” or maybe Orgeron is that naive.

Antebellum Pointe pulled its subdivision preliminary plat when they were informed of its likely denial by certain Planning Commissioners; not from anything Orgeron did.  Anyway, let’s indulge his delusion.

After meeting with a number of constituents concerned with the impact the newly proposed development would have on the current traffic situation on Highway #73, I began a dialogue with the property owners, developers and engineers regarding the meeting scheduled for Wednesday night.

I am pleased to announce that as of 7:30 am this morning I have negotiated an agreement from the Antebellum Pointe contingency to remove the development from Wednesday nights P&Z meeting agenda. Over the next few month they will reach out to the community to address concerns regarding the impact of their development.

This has been a strenuous endeavor and I believe is a tremendous gesture on the part of all parties who truly desire to work together as neighbors for the betterment of Ascension Parish. It is my intent to represent my neighbors in a professional manner always striving for a compromise that is in the best interest of all District #4 residents.

To that end, I avoided the name calling, fallacious accusations and bold faced lies and focused on resolving the concerns of my neighbors. To that end I hope and pray that all will see more can be accomplished by showing respect to each other rather than shouting at each other.

May God Bless Ascension Parish and OUR United States of America!

Orgeron went on to thank the development’s engineer…

Corey Orgeron’s last campaign finance report

Quality Engineering and Surveying, coincidentally(?), is a max contributor to Orgeron’s campaign in 2019, ponying up $1,000 nine days before the October 12 election.

Corey Orgeron I also want to give a HUGE shout out to the folks at Quality Engineering; their concern and interest to be a responsible corporate neighbor helped tremendously in this endeavor.

Quality Engineering a “responsible corporate neighbor?”  And it only cost the firm $1,000 (well, actually $1,500 since the wife of Quality’s owner also kicked in $500).