Corey “the Bald-Faced Liar” Orgeron goes after Cointment

Corey Orgeron (file photo)

A well-established propensity for mendacity, i.e. telling bald-faced LIES, Councilman Corey Orgeron told another whopper this morning.  It was in response to his constituency’s angst over a 237-lot subdivision intended for Hwy 73 where “nightmarish traffic” is a maddening daily reality.

237-lot subdivision off Hwy 73 in Prairieville on Planning agenda (Wednesday)

We’ll give Orgeron points for audacity since his latest lie is directed squarely at Ascension’s chief executive, Parish President Clint Cointment.

His assertion that Cointment “assured us during the campaign that there will be ZERO new developments during his presidency” also exemplified Orgeron’s buffoonery.  It is a trait not shared by the new parish president who never said anything of the sort.

Cointment did vow to undo a new Master Land Use Plan, approved by the Planning Commission on May 29, 2019, questioning…

Cointment: “I Pledge to Repeal Master Plan”

“What does this vision do?  Higher residential density is at the heart of that Master Plan, even though we all oppose it…Currently our maximum residential density, exemplified most prominently in north Ascension Parish, is three lots per acre.  Does anyone in Prairieville think higher density is a good idea?  Maybe those residents would prefer lower density.

Maybe parish-wide density should be reduced to two lots per acre.  Our new Master Plan process will offer an opportunity for that discussion.”

A bold statement; but nothing like what Orgeron attributed to candidate Clint Cointment.  Coincidentally(?), Orgeron received the endorsement of Planning Commission Chairman Matthew Pryor eight days before the October 12 election.

For years Orgeron’s opponent had been openly critical of Pryor’s tenure on the commission.  Pryor claimed that “Corey knows the issue and will work to solve them,” a statement every bit as preposterous as anything emanating from his preferred candidate.

Orgeron, a lawyer like Pryor (insert jokes here), seems to lack even a rudimentary grasp of Planning Commission procedure.  The seven-member commission is mandated by Ascension’s Home Rule Charter which includes Section 4-18.  It reads:

“The parish governing authority…shall create by ordinance a planning commission with the powers and duties set forth in state law.”

Section 4-1 of the Charter establishes that “(T)he Governing Authority of Ascension Parish shall be the Ascension Parish Council,” i.e. not the parish president.  The Council enjoys the power of appointing those seven Planning Commissioners.  The Council also doubles as the Planning Commission Appeals Board.

While Cointment has begun a review of Ascension’s Land Development Code in order to impose more stringent regulations on development, that is where his executive authority ends.  It will be up to the Council to adopt, or not, any recommendations from the administration.

Attempting to pass the buck, and the blame, off on President Cointment is in keeping with Corey “the Bald-Faced Liar” Orgeron’s modus operandi.  Incapable of simple truth-telling, no qualms about making up any absurdity that suits his immediate agenda, we wonder if the voters of District 4 are missing the Ole’ Chicken Doctor yet.  As a councilman Daniel “Doc” Satterlee never shied away from taking on developers, even when their subdivisions were proposed outside his district.