Cointment defends Orgeron against Pelican Post accusation

President Clint Cointment (file photo)

NOTE:  Below is the letter we received from Ascension’s president.  We stand by our reportage and will, should he care to review, provide evidence to President Cointment substantiating said reportage. We wrote that Utilities Chairman Corey Orgeron “positively rejected Cointment’s overtures to present a potential initiative entitled Clean Waterways in Ascension” before acquiescing at the last minute (see link below).

Cointment administration proposes plan for Individual Sewer Treatment units to Utilities

Dear Pelican Post Editor:

I wanted to comment on the article you wrote about on Jan 31, 2020 titled Cointment administration proposes plan for Individual Sewer Treatment units to Utilities.  The administration has been diligently working on solutions to provide a low-cost health alternatives to having sewer discharged from individual owners’ properties onto their neighbors. As we all know, discharged sewer doesn’t stay within one’s on property line since rainwater and wind carry sewer from one property to the next. This sewer is not contained in the ditches, ending up in other peoples’ yards and, in extreme conditions, their homes.

The events you describe in the beginning of the article as it relates to the Chair of Utilities, Councilman Orgeron, were misrepresented. The administration’s attempt to put a quality presentation together in a short time period forced the discussion on whether to wait for the next meeting or present at the January 30 Utilities meeting.  Chairman Orgeron worked with the administration up to the last day in an attempt to have a quality product presented to the committee and the public. I believe the administration’s very own Ken Dawson did just that; made a quality presentation.

So, due to the time constraints there was no “bald-faced lie” and, in retrospect, a working cooperative effort solved a time sensitive circumstance.

As Ascension’s Parish President I look forward to working with the Chair of Utilities.  The administration is committed to finding affordable solutions to a very unhealthy environmental problem. Councilman Corey Orgeron has also committed to finding solutions in a cooperative manner.  There will be no easy solutions to this problem that has vexed our parish for decades.  But, to do nothing will not only be a financial burden on the people of Ascension, but a serious health issue as we move forward as a growing parish.

Clint Cointment, Ascension Parish President