EA Drainage Board elects officers, receives maintenance update on ditches

The East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage Board met on January 27 for the first time in 2020, with five of its ten members in their first terms. Dempsey Lambert was re-elected Chairman, and first-time Councilman Chase Melancon was elected Vice Chairman.

Drainage manager gave an update on upgrades to the work order system, to be better able to meet the needs of the people and to give true and accurate information to the board. He reported that there were fourteen regular drainage crews working throughout east Ascension, steadily reducing the number of outstanding work orders. Savoy noted that at the beginning of 2019, when the new program began, there was a backlog of 440 work orders for cleaning and digging of off-road ditches; that number has been reduced to 217. In September 2018 the Drainage Board hired contractors to deal with the 500 work order backlog for roadside ditches; there are now only 160 of those work orders remaining.

Savoy commended the vegetation management crews that were mobilized by President Cointment to pick up roadside litter. He said that thanks to these efforts he has seen an increase in morale and teamwork.

President Clint Cointment also commended the staff for their efforts. He said the Citizens Service Center was performing very well at generating work orders, and he expected that to increase when it is promoted more. He promised the Drainage Board that his administration is studying all aspects of Parish government, looking for more efficient ways of doing things.