One last piece of Matassa propaganda

Present or not, Matassa’s desk was always empty

In case you missed it, outgoing parish president Kenny Matassa took one last opportunity to waste your tax dollars on a State of the Parish Report found in this recipient’s mailbox two days after his successor had been inaugurated.

Matassa’s staff propagandists have always been hamstrung by shoddy source material, slapping together one inanity after another with Matassa signing as author of scribbling he would struggle to read aloud.  His latest, and hopefully last, taxpayer funded self-aggrandizement is below (unadulterated):

It has been my honor and privilege to serve as your Parish President.  As I close out my administration, I have been reflecting on all the events and accomplishments of these last four years.

No review of my term would be complete without mentioning the Great Flood of August 2016, which was actually the second flooding Ascension experienced that year.  I will not dwell on it except to say that I am proud of my staff and the Council members for all of the hours of hard work they put in to try to help our people return to their normal lives.  But it was the resilience and determination of the people that gave me the biggest sense of pride.

Many of the accomplishments of which I am most proud are included in this Annual Report.  But a quick look back reveals an exhaustive list:

  • The Move Ascension Transportation Initiative dedicated tens of millions of dollars to improve the traffic infrastructure in the parish.
  • The Citizens Service Center established a one-call point of contact for all citizen inquiries, requests, complaints, and work orders.  It also provides a way to track and monitor all calls.
  • The new Master Land Use Plan, coupled with the Master Transportation Plan, sets a road map and vision for the future.
  • The new Floodplain Ordinance and Fill Ordinance dictate how development will take place in the future without causing negative impact.
  • The same is true for the Improved Subdivision Construction Standards, Infrastructure Districts, Traffic Policy Standards, and Transportation Impact Fees.
  • Construction has begun on a new multi-million dollar courthouse which will meet our legal needs for many years to come, and all financed by court costs, not taxes.
  • Construction has also begun on a new Wellness Center located next to the Gonzales Council on Aging building.  The skate park that was there has been relocated to a more open and accessible place in Prairieville.
  • The entire parish computer system, previously a network of unconnected programs, has been installed.  Now the entire system–including ERP, Payroll, Purchasing, Finance, and Human Resources–is integrated and works much more efficiently.

As I write this, the parish is well on its way to establishing a parish-wide sewer system through a public/private partnership.  This is something that previous Administrations and Councils have been working on for more than twenty years.

All of this, and more has been accomplished by dedicated parish employees with support from the Ascension Parish Council.  Thank you for the opportunity to serve you as your Parish President.  It is an honor I will always cherish.


Kenny Matassa, Ascension Parish President