Why did council add another $100,000 for Ernst & Young?

With the vote on a controversial sewer treatment contract, highly-flawed and concealed from public view until recently, on hold until January 23, 2020; why did the Parish Council appropriate another $100,000 for Ernst & Young to do whatever it is they’re doing?

The agenda item leading to the vote pictured above:

(6) Authorization to increase the contract with Breazeale, Sacshe & Wilson, LLP by $100,000 for payment to sub-contractor, Ernst & Young for financial services and to HNTB for engineering services (Chairwoman Teri Casso)

was addressed at a “regularly scheduled” meeting on Thursday, December 19.  The following day a “special meeting” was called to approve the Construction, Operating and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Ascension Sewer, LLC.  That contract approval was denied by a 7-2, the same which scheduled a second vote for January 23.

NOTE:  If the incoming council is wise it will ignore that meeting date to allow for actual, meaningful negotiations led by the next administration to commence.  The next council is not beholden to its predecessor in any way.

Ernst & Young’s work product left much to be desired.  For instance, the firm ignored the “prepayment penalty and costs” on outstanding debt should the envisioned 30-year agreement be terminated earlier.

Ernst & Young did not address outstanding debt and prepayment penalties

Which, in our unschooled opinion, renders its assessment of the bankruptcy inducing Operator Termination Fee meaningless.