Matassa, with henchmen (including Lawler) out “to ruin” Cointment presidency

Lost in the drama surrounding tonight’s Special Meeting of Ascension Parish Council to ramrod a bankruptcy plan, a/k/a the Ascension Sewer, LLC agreement with ACUD #2, through before a majority of the body exits stage left, was Thursday’s “regularly scheduled” meeting.  To hear multiple members (Chairwoman Teri Casso, Randy Clouatre, and Benny Johnson most conspicuously) tell it, last night’s meeting was the last they’d ever attend.  Prior to convening on Thursday a Notice of tonight’s Special Meeting appeared on the parish website.

Could it be true that members were not aware that they would be haled back to Gonzales’ Courthouse Annex East for one more meeting?  We’ll play along.

Ascension’s Code of Ordinances, Section 2-93 states; “Special meetings may be held on call by the president or by any four (4) members of the governing authority and upon no less than twenty-four (24) hours’ notice to each member.”

Did four members request Friday’s Special Meeting without telling their colleagues, including the chairwoman?  That seems unlikely (of course the distinct possibility that Casso, Clouatre, and/or Johnson were being less than truthful cannot be discounted).

Much easier, less rigmarole if Matassa did it alone.  Of course, it still does not pass the smell test that council members would have been unaware more than an hour after after the meeting had been noticed publicly.  Still, who knows when it comes to Matassa?

He attended a soiree last week, hosted by his pal (partner in crime?) Olin Berthelot.  According to one inquisitive party-goer, Matassa characterized the sewer deal’s 11th hour acceptance as a means “to ruin” his successor’s administration, saddling Clint Cointment with a deal sure to infuriate citizen rate payers (and tax payers, no doubt, when the Ascension Sewer bill comes due).

Matassa is not alone in plotting this bit of intrigue intended to derail the Cointment presidency.

Moose Pearce’s new favorite councilman, Aaron Lawler (at right)

The slithering, smug, petulant, back-room deal cutting, passive-aggressive, plotting, insurance defense lawyer/District 7 Councilman Aaron Lawler is relating much the same message.  This comes after Lawler was caught lying to constituents during the recent campaign, claiming that President-Elect Cointment had endorsed him.