Constituent “furious with Lawler” for “underhanded violation of rights”

Terry Jones

Terry Jones resides in Parish Council District 7.  Jones is a registered Republican who supports the challenger, Kim Christy, in the November 16 runoff for the seat currently occupied by Aaron Lawler.  Jones is “furious with Mr. Lawler because he, literally, tried to impose his will and violate my rights.”

On Friday, November 1, Jones spoke briefly with Lawler, who had been politicking on Henry Road.

“Mr. Lawler had noticed the signs I had authorized three candidates to put in place before the October 12 primary election,” recalled Jones.  “He wanted to speak with me about my support of Kim Christy.”

“The conversation lasted only a few minutes, mostly niceties exchanged,” Jones remembered.  “I did happen to mention that I rented the home and property.”

Arriving home November 6 (Wednesday), Jones was taken aback upon noticing that three “Aaron Lawler” signs had been installed on the property.  He leases the home and lot at the intersection of Old Jefferson Hwy/Henry Road.

“Mr. Lawler attempted to pull an end run on me.  He called to mislead my landlord, making it seem as though Kim had placed her signs without permission,” Jones said.  “Lawler knew full well that I had given Kim permission, and my full support of her candidacy, because I made that very clear when we spoke last Friday.”

Jones: Lawler can have his signs back.

Jones sent the following message to the incumbent.

No response has been forthcoming.

“The right to control, and peacefully enjoy one’s property is inviolable.  The right to political expression is paramount among those ensured in the Bill of Rights,” Jones declared.  “It is unfortunate that any elected official would so brazenly ignore mine or any citizen’s like Mr. Lawler did.”