Taxpayers now paying two law firms, neither approved by council, in Matassa lawsuit

It was business as usual for Ascension’s Parish Council, a majority of whose membership will have been unseated by January’s first meeting, as six perfunctory Industrial Tax Exemptions were approved without discussion of any kind.  Two Road Infrastructure (taxing) Districts were introduced so that existing taxpayers are not on the hook to maintain Jamestown Crossing subdivision’s new roads in a meeting remarkable only for what was not on the agenda.

The initial agenda, published on Tuesday, included:

(17) Approval of Contract with Daigle, Fisse & Kessenich, Attorneys at Law, to handle Personnel Issues (CAO Ken Dawson)

Amended on Wednesday, the item was deleted.

Who are/what is Daigle, Fisse & Kessenich?  It is the firm that recently added Christina Peck to its fold.  Christina Peck is Kenny Matassa’s lawyer in the suit he filed against Berkley Insurance Company and Harry Robert Insurance Agency…

Matassa and AP Government seek $545,487 in criminal fees, penalties

Peck, according to a letter sent to the defendants, recently left the firm of Roedel Parsons after another partner, Tim Hardy, left for greener pastures and Breazeale, Sachse & Wilson; both taking Ascension/Matassa business with them.

Pursuant to a recent records request seeking invoices submitted by Roedel Parsons to Ascension Parish Government, billing for representation of Matassa ended in July.

According to that last Roedel invoice, $15,886.25 was outstanding.

None of the three attorneys, two partners and an associate, working on the Matassa/APG file remains with Roedel Parson.

Court records indicate that Peck left Roedel Parsons’ employ sometime in August, retaining Matassa as a client.  Ascension Parish Government, made party-plaintiff so that Matassa would not have to foot his own legal bill, appears to be (still) represented by Tim Hardy and David Fleshman, now with Breazeale.

So, two firms (Breazeale Sachse for APG/Daigle, Fisse & Kessenich for Matassa) are on the clock at taxpayer expense.  Neither firm law firm has been approved by the council to work on the case, only Roedel Parsons has.  With seven weeks until Matassa and at least six council members exit the parish political stage, nothing has changed.