AP Schools Maintains “A” Rating under State’s Accountability System

BATON ROUGE — Students in Ascension Public Schools continue to make academic gains as evidenced in today’s release of the 2018-19 School Performance Scores (SPS) by the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE). As a result of these gains, Ascension Parish maintains its “A” rating with a District Performance Score of 92.3 and is the largest school district in the state to earn an “A” rating. Ascension is also the top district in the state for student academic growth with a 101.9 Progress Index for Grades K-12.

“It is because of the work that takes place each and every day in our schools that Ascension continues to achieve an A rating in the state’s accountability system.  This achievement is the result of the commitment of our students to pursue academic excellence as well as the hard work and commitment of our classroom teachers who directly support, encourage, and motivate students to achieve high standards.  In addition, we want to recognize all those that work hard each and every day to ensure that these quality classroom experiences positively impact student success – school and district leaders as well as school and district support staff that includes all operational and administrative services! It takes everyone, every day, to ensure students are served well. This is what happens when you have a public school system that works together as a team and is supported by its community,” said Ascension Public Schools Superintendent David Alexander.

“Last year, the state implemented more rigorous standards for measuring academic achievement and added a new measurement for growth. As a result, we were one of only four districts to earn an ‘A’ rating last year. This year, there are nine districts that achieved this top rating. However, we are the largest district with 23,000 students,” said Alexander. “We are especially proud that our work continues to accomplish the mission of growing students academically.”

letter gradesOut of the district’s 27 schools, 11 earned “A” grades, 10 earned “B” grades, three earned “C” grades, and three earned “D” grades. For the sixth consecutive year, no schools in Ascension earned an “F” grade.

For the second time since its implementation, Ascension also excelled in the state’s progress index, which measures student academic growth. ALL 27 schools earned “A” or “B” grades in this measurement with 22 schools earning “Top Gains” designations.

Nine of the district’s 27 schools also earned the state’s “Equity Honoree” designation. That means they outperformed 90% of all schools across the various student subgroups: Black/African American, Economically Disadvantaged, English Learners, and Students with Disabilities.

Students in Ascension Public Schools consistently performed well above the state averages and the district is ranked among the top five in Louisiana in almost every measure, including subgroup data.


  • 54% Mastery+ in All Subjects, Grades 3-12 (#2); State = 36%
  • 62% Mastery+ in ELA, Grades 3-12 (#2); State = 44%
  • 53% Mastery+ in Math, Grades 3-12 (#3); State = 35%
  • 47% Mastery+ in Social Studies, Grades 3-12 (#2); State = 28%
  • 57% Top Growth in ELA, Grades 3-12 (#1); State = 47%
  • 52% Top Growth in Math, Grades 3-12 (#2); State = 44%
  • 39% Mastery+ for Black/African American Students (#3); State = 24%
  • 43% Mastery+ for Economically Disadvantaged Students (#4); State = 30%
  • 22% Mastery+ for Students with Disabilities (#3); State = 12%
  • 13% Mastery+ for English Learners (#17); State = 13%
  • 50% Top Growth for Black/African American Students (#1); State = 43%
  • 51% Top Growth for Economically Disadvantaged Students (#2); State = 44%
  • 50% Top Growth for Students with Disabilities (#3); State = 42%
  • 49% Top Growth for English Learners (#13); State = 45%

Below is information about the state’s accountability system. For a complete listing of scores, visit www.louisianabelieves.com or www.louisianaschools.com. For more information about Ascension Public Schools, visit www.apsb.org/.