Edmonston: Opponent continues to lie about me in his latest campaign hit piece!

Brandon Trosclair continues to lie about me in his latest campaign hit piece!

In the source he uses (ivoterguide.com) I stated, “I have served the children and families in Ascension Parish schools for over 20 years.”  He stated on his mailer that I have worked “in government” for 20+ years.”  In his background at this same site he says he has been “Ralph’s , Market, Owner, 1997-present.”  Let’s do the math.  That means 22 years ago he owned Ralph’s Market, or when he was 14 years old (Brandon is 36)!

He states I have accepted thousands of dollars in contributions from trial lawyers who are suing our oil and gas industry and links an Advocate article. The law firm mentioned in this article only gave me $2,500.  What he doesn’t say is that he has accepted thousands more ($4,500) from individuals and related organizations who endorsed him that brought Common Core to Louisiana and are keeping it alive and well.  Then he states that he is against Common Core!

He misrepresents my service on the State Board of Education (BESE) stating that “She has failed to stop it from being taught.”  BESE is an 11-member board.  I was the only “NO” vote against the Common Core curriculum.  I chose standing with the teachers, students and parents rather than voting with the majority!

Brandon says I “Opposed Letter Grade Accountability for our Schools,” sourced by an “opinion piece” that could not be found with the link provided.  The current accountability system in our public schools is not educating children.  The grades for teachers and schools are tied to the performance of students that is a measure of how children score on tests.  I believe in accountability, but the formula now being used is punishing our schools, teachers and students.

While Brandon may know little about public education in our state, he is a Board member of “A Better Ascension (ABA).”  This organization is listed as a non-profit with the Federal Government.  They do not have to divulge who contributes to their organization.  Numerous times during public discussion those involved in ABA were asked to let the people know who was funding their organization. Each time they refused.  Does he really support accountability?

The election is November 16th.  You can early vote starting tomorrow, November 2nd through the 9th (excluding Sunday) at the East Ascension Courthouse in Gonzales (second floor) or at the Oak Grove Community Center in Prairieville.  Both offices are open from 8:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Kathy Edmonston, Candidate

District 88 House of Representatives