Edmonston supporter makes case against opponents for District 88 House seat

Dear Editor:

The right to vote is a sacred trust.  Complacency in voting reflects poorly on the state of our society.  But those who do vote should make every effort to cast their vote with full knowledge of whom they are entrusting.

If you live in House District 88 like I do, the choice is clear.  If you are undecided, it’s probably because you haven’t taken a closer look at the candidates.

There are three candidates in House District 88.  One of them will fill the seat being vacated by Representative Johnny Berthelot who was the mayor of Gonzales for 24 years.

First on the ballot is Ryan Beissinger.  Of my 25 plus years in Ascension politics, I have never met him at a public meeting until he decided to put his name on the ballot, although his military service to our country is commendable and honorable.   I like his stance on the issues, but I don’t know him.

Second is Kathy Edmonston.  I know Kathy. My first contact with her was when she served on the Ascension Planning & Zoning Commission.  She has been in the trenches serving the people of our community for over 25 years.  In the public school system and on various boards and commissions in Ascension and statewide, Kathy has been fighting for the people. Her positions on the issues are conservative, like most voters in District 88.  Kathy has backbone.  Her character has been tested and she has the experience to do the job.

Our third choice for the House District 88 seat is Brandon Trosclair.  I met Brandon when he made an unsuccessful bid for Parish Council sixteen years ago in 2003. In 2018 Brandon resurfaced on the political landscape.  He joined a group called “A Better Ascension” or ABA.  Brandon promoted and supported an effort to take away the vote of the people for an elected parish president and replace it with a Big-Business-selected-Council-appointed parish manager.  Even though ABA was unsuccessful, he still supports the concept.  Brandon supports taking away the people’s vote and is now on the ballot asking for our vote!

In a September 23rd article in the Advocate < https://bit.ly/2MgpHun >, I learned that Brandon was arrested in 2006 for a felony of misapplication of funds while running a business building homes.  The bill of information below…

is one of many court documents with numerous financial issues. Do we want to entrust someone who has a prior history of financial problems and has never been elected to any public office with making financial decisions for our state?

So before you cast your vote this coming Saturday, take some time to consider the character of the candidate.  As Noah Webster said, “ In selecting men for office, let principle be your guide… look to his character.” It’s not just about the issues before us. Character matters, even more so in our elected officials.


Kathryn Goppelt