Ascension early voting more than doubles total from October 2015 election

Clerk of Court Bridget Hanna posted the following as Early Voting for the October 12 election came to a close.

I cannot express how grateful and proud I am of my team for their excellent work this week at the Oak Grove early voting site. They really worked hard – from setting up to the daily assistance to voters and tonight taking everything down. We are honored and privileged to offer this additional early voting site for our parish voters. All of the hard work was definitely worth it after seeing how excited and appreciative the voters were to have us there. Thank you Stacy, April, Jeremy, Rhonda, Mandy, Mindy, Michelle R., Michelle T., Sharron, Roger, Chandra, Summer, June, Pam, Kesslie, Trinette, Kim G., Norma & Tiwanna….y’all are the best!!

Approximately 12,824 voters voted early this week in Ascension compared to 5189 during the last gubernatorial race in October, 2015. Let’s keep this going through Election Day, next Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019!

Impressive numbers and a job well done by all concerned.