Planning Commission Chairman Matthew Pryor endorses Orgeron, rips Satterlee

Matthew Pryor with Council Chairwoman Teri Casso (2012)

If you were seeking a seat on Ascension’s Parish Council, whose endorsement would you least like to have?  High up on the list has to be the chairman of the Planning Commission…Matthew Pryor.  He’s with Corey Orgeron who he claims as a friend (which should tell you all you need to know about Orgeron) and rips incumbent Daniel “Doc” Satterlee.

To be fair, Satterlee has treated Pryor rather harshly.  So has Pelican Post, justifiably we believe.

First Anniversary: Jamestown Crossing (sausage-making at its finest)

Pryor never met a subdivision preliminary plat he would not approve.  See link above and remember his reasoning to approve Jamestown Crossing in 2018.  Pryor’s social media page endorsement this morning…