Todd Lambert relies on voting record as October 12 election nears

As the senior member of the Council, the thing that I am most proud of is that throughout my 20 years in office, I have been true to the promises that I made when I first ran for office. It was my desire to help people that led me to run for office and it is that same desire that keeps me in it today. I have never lost sight of the fact that I am an elected official, not a politician, put in office to help the people of not only District 9 but Ascension Parish as a whole. While that can sometimes leave me as the lone standout on certain issues, my voting record speaks for itself. I have to live with my conscience I try to keep politics out the issue at hand and vote in the best interest of those in District 9 and the entire parish.

Having previously served as Chairman of the Drainage, Finance, Personnel, Transportation and Recreation committees, and Vice Chairman of the Council, I feel that I have always remained impartial while always supporting what the majority of the people want. I have been diligent in my efforts to be the “watchdog” so to speak, over the Parish funds and the way that our tax dollars are spent.

Drainage remains our largest concern. It is something that we, the Council, spend a lot of time on, as flooding problems continue to worsen. Rapid growth is one of the reasons and it is important to continuously monitor development. A good relationship with the administration and the Dept of Public works is essential. As they are the experts who tackle the drainage issues on a day to day basis. The people that we have in that department are doing an excellent job.

Implementing parish wide sewer remains on the top of my agenda. For the safety and welfare of all of the residents of Ascension parish, it is important. While it is a very costly endeavor and budget constraints limit what we can accomplish, we must continue to work to find a way to bring this service to our residents sooner rather than later.

Recreation is another area that needs to be addressed Our children are our future. We must provide better facilities and opportunities for them. I would like to eventually see to fruition a parish wide complex that houses multiple recreational sports at one location. Many of our baseball and football fields are outdated and unkept.  This needs to be improved upon.

As the youngest sibling of 11 children, all born and raised in Ascension Parish, and all still living in Ascension parish, it is my desire to continue to serve the people and always vote for what is in the best interest of Ascension Parish.

I have never and will never make “back door deals” with anyone and I will never put myself in a compromising position of any kind. Do I have regrets, sure I do, we all do, but it is my belief that we learn from our mistakes so as not to repeat them.

I have always been and will continue to be accessible to all residents of the parish at any time. I always return my calls and do my best to resolve all situations presented.

Todd Lambert

Ascension Parish Council-District 9