Rude, arrogant and insulting…Councilman Aaron Lawler

NOTE:  Below is a Facebook post from a resident of District 7 depicting her encounter with Councilman Aaron Lawler.  In the interest of full disclosure, the author happens to be the aunt of your editor though we’ve had little discussion about the councilman.  Unconfirmed as yet, we’d like to believe the “family member” in question is none other than your editor.


I had a visit this evening from the District 7 councilman Aaron Lawler. Please people out there tell everyone you know not to vote for this man. Share this information. He was rude, arrogant and insulting to me. He said things about a family member to my face standing in my yard. I could not believe it. There is something severely wrong with him. He was flailing his arms around getting in his truck then out of it.

What kind of a public servant is he supposed to be. I had to tell him to leave and not come back. I hate the fact he even knows where I live. It makes me very uncomfortable.

Are there laws protecting citizens from public servants and those campaigning from this kind harassment, attempted intimidation and behavior? We have a Kim Christy sign in our yard. I guess he was set on changing my mind. We didn’t put the sign there on a whim. This is not the first time this man has acted this way toward me. He did it before on FB and I had to block him.