Cointment responds to “scare tactics” against parish employees

Clint Cointment (from 2015 candidate forum)

Recently, several parish employees have reached out to me concerning a rumor spreading around parish government. Certain individuals in upper management are saying that, if elected to the parish presidency, I will sub out all labor-related activities and fire all employees.

This rumor is strikingly similar to the one spread during the last election in order to scare and intimidate parish employees’ and their families from voting for me and the positive change I represent.  I have always stated that I would not hire any number of new employees greater than the number that exists if I were to be elected and take office.  I have also stated that I would create a positive work environment and eliminate the politics of intimidation and scare tactics.

I have always held the principle of treating people fairly.  That is why accountability and transparency were the centerpiece of my 2015 campaign.  Below is the letter I posted last election which holds true today:

The political season always generates rumors and there is a doozy being circulated among you, the employees of Ascension Parish.  It is alarming that you are being told that “Clint Cointment will clean house” if he is elected as Ascension’s next parish president.

Why do such rumors make the rounds every four years?  We all know the answer to that.  It is a culture of intimidation instilled from the very top, filtered through your supervisors to maintain an atmosphere of fear among parish employees.

It is intended to control you and deprive you of your Constitutionally- protected political rights… and it is despicable.  You should never have to fear for you job.

I want to set record straight.  I have no intention to terminate anyone’s employment.

Yes, I do have ideas which will increase efficiency and productivity by Ascension Parish’s workforce.  One of my goals is to improve your working conditions by providing the necessary tools to do the job.  Cross-training of co-workers, teaching multiple skills, will allow you to enjoy a vacation without your work piling up by the time you return.

There will also be an opportunity for merit-based advancement through the ranks.

Any adjustment will begin with upper administrative positions because I must have like-minded individuals in positions of authority to fulfill the promises I’ve made to the people of Ascension Parish.

Accountability.  We’ll all be held to standards, starting with me.

The goal is to have a serious but enjoyable work environment. Higher morale will translate into better productivity.  Everyone will be expected to give eight hours of work for eight hours of pay.  Respect the job and you will be respected and appreciated in return.

I am eager to speak to you, if you so choose.  I can be reached at (225) 644-5454.


Clint Cointment