Questions we’d like Clint Cointment to answer

The second of four candidate forums was held on Saturday at Pelican Point’s clubhouse with early voting for the October 12 election three weeks away .  Four candidates for Ascension Parish President, six questions, and little deviation from their respective paths charted beforehand…what did we learn?

Clint Cointment was nearly the parish president after November 21, 2015’s runoff election, falling 117 votes short when over 30,000 votes were cast.  He is the only candidate to have published a comprehensive plan, taking into account Drainage/Flooding, Traffic, Sanitary Sewer, Development and Recreation…

among other issues.  His Flex Plan is an update from 2015 when all those same issues confronted Ascension Parish.  Interested voters, and your editor, have had ample opportunity to consider Cointment’s platform.  There is one rumor that will not go away, fostered by the current administration which browbeats parish employees in the hope of instilling fear.  Would President Clint Cointment slash the current workforce?

As of June 5 the Master Employee Roster had ballooned to 540 names (not including those designated “Sports Officials”).

Matassa adds 140 employees, $5.3 Million to Ascension’s payroll (and counting)

On Saturday the candidate said he would not increase the number of parish employees, adding that current employees “are scared to death to talk to any candidate” with Election Day approaching.

Question:  As parish president, do you plan to privatize any duties currently performed by parish employees?

Question:  What would you do to address the culture of fear pervading the parish workforce?