Ike Jackson is candidate Louisiana Attorney General

Why I’m Running

I am running to serve as the next Attorney General of Louisiana. I will be the fighter the people and the state of Louisiana needs. Current Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry has not served the people during his time in office. In fact, he is actively working to make our lives more difficult — not exactly what you want from your elected officials.

With so much at stake, I found myself asking how can I make a difference and be a part of the solution? How can I ensure my family and community–the people of Louisiana–are protected and our state is headed in the right direction.

For too long, the Louisiana Attorney General has served politicians, not the people.

That’s why, today, I want to introduce myself and tell you a little more about why I am running to be the next Attorney General of Louisiana.

As someone who worked in the Louisiana Attorney General’s office, I know how the office runs and how it can be used for good. I know a good Attorney General fights on behalf of the people of Louisiana. Right now, the Office of Attorney General isn’t working for the people of Louisiana and I plan to change that once elected. As Louisiana Attorney General, I will be focusing on three key issues:

  1. Health Care: Louisiana deserves an Attorney General that will fight for them and their health care. Right now, Jeff Landry is using taxpayer dollars to take away health care from nearly 500,000 Louisianans and put health care for more than 2 million Louisianans with a pre-existing condition at risk. As someone with a pre-existing condition, and with a grandchild, neighbors, friends and relatives with pre-existing conditions, this fight isn’t just political — it’s also personal.
  • Accountability: A good Attorney General holds bad actors responsible for their actions—regardless of political party, status, or wealth. As the next Louisiana Attorney General, I will step in and take action when I see harm being done to the people of Louisiana and to our state. I will enforce the law and protect our citizens. As the state’s top lawyer, the Attorney General’s clients are the people. When I’m elected, I will serve the people of Louisiana. I can’t say the same for Jeff Landry.
  • Ending Corruption: The actions of the Attorney General should be based in facts. Since my early years as a lawyer, that’s exactly what I have done — pursue fact-finding missions that protect our state and move Louisiana forward. Unfortunately, Jeff Landry is too wrapped up in politics right now. It’s time to depoliticize the Office of the Attorney General and return to a time when facts, not political party and campaign donations, mattered. I will not give out favors to friends or political donors. I will be the People’s Lawyer.

I am excited to get to know you as I travel the state and hear what’s important to you.

See you out on the trail!

Ike Jackson

Democratic candidate
Louisiana Attorney General