Michael Mason: Why I decided to run for Parish Council seat

Michael Mason (Republican)

As I go out and meet more people and talk to more people, I get a lot of the same questions. What party are you? What are you going to do for the parish? Who is your mom and dad?

Inevitably, the main question that always comes up; why did you decide to run?

I have many answers to that but I wanted to tell everyone, just in case I don’t get to talk to you all.

1. I helped family and friends in the Flood of 2016. I remember people losing their homes that they have lived in for the majority of their adult lives. And then I watched a council that did little to nothing about it. Many plans were made and many discussions were had, but no action was actually taken to help the citizens of Ascension Parish.

2. All over our parish, especially in district 11, I have noticed the rapid growth of subdivision development. I understand that it is the individual’s right to do with their land as they see fit, and sell it to whomever they want to.  I have no problem with that.  My issue is with irresponsible development, a council that rubberstamps these irresponsible developments.  Allowing them to build these massive subdivisions without any forethought (or afterthought it seems) of the adverse impact to the people already living in this area.

3. But the biggest reason I am running, is for the future of Ascension Parish.  I have watched this parish grow from mostly fields and woods to a parish with excellent schools that everyone wants to attend.  I am proud of our parish and our excellent school systems, but if we do not start looking out for the future and start growing smartly; we are going to end up like some of these big cities with big city problems…horrific traffic, rampant crime, etc. (looking at you Baton Rouge).

With that being said, I encourage everyone to get out and vote.  Make sure your voice is heard in some.


Michael Mason, Candidate

District 11-Parish Council