If District 4 parish council election is about issues, the choice is obvious

Image provided by self-proclaimed “supporter of Doc Satterlee.” While the image, in keeping with our own inspection, my not be “photoshopped,” it is certainly taken from an angle intended to deceive.

Of all local elections to be decided on October 12, the District 4 Parish Council contest features the most distinct choices.  Incumbent, Daniel “Doc” Satterlee is often accused of TMI (too much information) and too much analysis while explaining his votes.  That is in keeping with Satterlee’s scientific background where all variables must be accounted for in researching any topic, and it is in stark contrast to his opponent.

Corey Orgeron’s tenuous grasp on (or is it simply blatant disregard for) the truth, while disturbing, is in keeping with the supporters attracted to what passes for his campaign (you know who you are).  We are unaware of any instance in which Orgeron has discussed a single issue confronting the residents of Ascension Parish or Prairieville; while there have been numerous instances when he disseminated untruths…

Reckless disregard for truth, or bald-faced LIAR?

Case in point, this recent social media offering…

In fact, the adult entertainment establishment in question has not operated for nearly a decade.  The current property owner intends to open a car lot.

Orgeron’s pathetic attempt at misdirection, not the first time he’s done so in the heat of a campaign, should disqualify him from consideration.  Maybe it should disqualify him from the practice of law, at least subject him to sanction by the state bar association.  Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary Board’s Rules of Professional Conduct.  Rule 8.4 Misconduct:

“It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to:

(c) Engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation.”

In the weeks leading up to October 12 Pelican Post hereby offers the opportunity, free of charge, to each District 4 candidate to examine any issue he deems worthy of consideration.  No personal attacks will be allowed, only the candidates’ views on those issues he deems important enough to address.  We feel sure one of the candidates will take us up on the offer.