Three years post-flood, Council to introduce Fill ordinance in Drainage Code

Just west of Paula Park on Hwy 933 at 4:59 pm, Sunday, August 14 (2016)

August 15, 2019 – 6:00 PM
828 S. Irma Blvd. Gonzales


(1) Call To Order / Invocation and Pledge
(2) Roll Call
(3) Chair’s Additions
(4) Public Comment Sign- In Period
(5) Presentations
a. Certificates of Achievement – Eagle Scout Noah Holmes, Eagle Scout Jack Jones, Eage Scout Andrew Stassi
b. Certificates of Recognition – Louisiana Jaguars Basketball Team
c. Certificates of Recognition – Girls Soccer Team
d. Proclamation – to proclaim “Jason Williams Day” in Ascension Parish

(6) Parish President’s Report:

(7) Consent Agenda
a. Adoption of July 18, 2019 Regular Council Meeting minutes
b. Adoption of August 1, 2019 Regular Council Meeting minutes
c. Roads for acceptance into the Parish Maintenance System:
Belle Savanne Subdivision – Phase 1 & 2A
Belle Savanne Avenue-2,955.21 ft;  Belle Journee Avenue-1,067.24 ft; Belle Reine Drive-303 ft;  Belle Mere Drive-150 ft.
d. Resolution in support of moving the Ashland/St. Landry Connector project to construction (Transportation Committee Recommendation)
e. Approval to add E. Hamilton Street in the City of Gonzales to the 2019 Overlay Package (Transportation Committee Recommendation)
f. Approval of stop sign on Brown Road at Brown Jr. Road (Transportation Committee Recommendation)
g. Renewal of Agreement with Enmon Enterprises, LLC d/b/a Jani- King of Baton Rouge for Janitorial Services at Lamar Dixon Expo Center (Finance Committee Recommendation)
h. Amendment to the Professional Services Contract with Clean Earth of Alabama, for Ascension Parish Household Materials Collection to add an additional $13,000.00 to the total contract amount for a not to exceed amount of $49,796.05 (Finance Committee Recommendation)
i. Amendment to Master Contract for Professional Services with CINTAS Corporation to extend the term of the contract through September 30, 2019. Terms of contract remain the same (Finance
Committee Recommendation)
j. Bid Items: to accept lowest responsive bid as follows:
* Bituminous Mixture for Hot Application (Asphalt) – Barber Brothers Contracting, Co. LLC, $55.00 per ton
* Mosquito Control Chemicals: – Adapco, Inc: Scourge, Vectolex WDG – Clarke Mosquito Control: Duet – Univar USA: Kontrol 30-30, Masterline B-MOXX7-9, BVA-2, Aqua bac 200 (Vectolex CG), Altsoid Briquets – Gaubert Oil Co. Clear Mineral Oil Gal Drum, Clear Mineral Oil Tote Drum
* Galvanized and Asphalt Coated Corrugated Metal Pipe – Coastal Culvert & Supply, Inc.
* 3M Traffic Control Signs, Materials and Supplies – Vulcan, Inc. d/b/a Vulcan Signs
* Corrugated Polyethylene Pipe, Sure-Lok Tees, Reducing Tees & Fittings – Core & Main
* Ascension Parish Fire District No. 3 (Bid) – Fire Station 30 – Training Room Addition – McLin Construction, LLC, $744,000.00 Base Bid
* Real Estate (Cattle Lease) Bid – A Certain Tract or Parcel of Ground Lease per Acre – Vince Diez, $22.50 per acre
k. Proposed Ordinance – to amend the Ascension Parish Code of Ordinances, Article VI, Council Procedures, Section 2-100 through 2-101 (Personnel Committee Recommendation)
l. Approval of Selection Committee Recommendation – Louisiana Discharge System (LPDES) Compliance Testing – Curtis Environment Services (Utilities Committee Recommendation)
m. Approval of Selection Committee Recommendation CDBG Sewer Program Improvements (Hillaryville, Darrow and Astroland) MB Design Consultants (Utilities Committee Recommendation)
n. Approval of Selection Committee Recommendation for Legal Services regarding utility matters – Brazeale, Sachse, and Wilson – $49,900 (Utilities Committee Recommendation)
o. Approval of Substantial Completion for the Hidden Farms Pump Station Rehabilitation Project (Utilities Committee Recommendation)


(8) Personnel Committee Recommendations (Chairman John Cagnolatti)
a. Proposed Ordinance – to adopt Ascension Parish Animal Services Board Bylaws
b. Reappointment to Library Board


(9) FY 2019 Emergency Management Performance Grant (EMPG) in the amount of $32,847.87 (Martha Collins, Grants Officer)
(10) Approval of Change Order No.1 to the Master Contract for the St. Amant Recreation Center Phase I – Demolition and Asbestos Abatement – additional scope of work to remove metal ceiling coated with asbestos containing material – increase of $26,751.69 (Dean Thomason, Project Manager)
(11) Approval of Memorandum of Understanding between Baton Rouge Vet Center and the Ascension Counseling Center regarding the services provided under Readjustment Counseling Services (Parish President Kenny Matassa)


(12) Introduction of Ordinance – to revoke an existing twenty-five foot (25′) drainage servitude running approximately seventy-five feet (75′) from the western boundary of Tracts LJG-1-A-1-B (owned by Entergy Louisiana, LLC), Tracts LJG-1-A-1-A-1, LJG-2-A-1-A-1-A-1-A-2-A-1 and Lot 69-A-1 (owned by Luke J. Grezaffi dba Ascension Commerce, LLC) and Tract 77- A (owned by Brent C. Damon and Damon W. Wood dba Upton & Wood Holdings, LLC) of the former Colonial Sugars Property Moved to Council via UDC 17.4050(B.2.a)
(13) Introduction of Ordinance – to amend the Ascension Parish Unified Land Development Code (LDC) Appendix V – Drainage (regarding Fill)


(14) Reading of Ordinance – to declare surplus and transfer property currently owned by the Parish of Ascension known as Freeze Road in Geismar
(15) Public Hearing – to consider an ordinance to declare surplus and transfer property currently owned by the Parish of Ascension known as Freeze Road in Geismar
(16) Ordinance – to declare surplus and transfer property currently owned by the Parish of Ascension known as Freeze Road in Geismar

(17) Adjourn