District 10 candidate Jeff Pettit: Stop move toward greater density, eliminate irresponsible development

Jeff Pettit

Jeff Pettit, running as an Independent, has qualified for the District 10 Ascension Parish Council election on October 12.  Early voting is September 28-October 5.  Retired from Barnes & Noble Booksellers, Pettit “intends to be a full time representative for the People of District 10.”

With Susan, wife of 43 years, he resides just off Cornerview Road, between Gonzales and Geismar.  They have one son, 4 and ¾ grandchildren, 3 dogs, 2 cats, 2 turtles, a guinea pig, and 3 fish.  Pettit is a member of Graceworks Church.

“Frustration with allowing irresponsible growth; in particular, subdivisions, led me to seek office,” Pettit explained “a difficult decision.  As a parish we have failed to ensure that necessary infrastructure be built before those dozens of subdivisions which have over-burdened our road system, worsened drainage, and compromised our cherished way of life.”

The Pettits moved to Ascension over a decade ago, seeking better educational opportunities for their grandchildren (who they are raising), and that “mythical rural character once touted in the Master Land Use Plan.”

Irresponsible development dangerously strains Ascension’s law enforcement, fire protection and EMS services, even the high-performing school system.

“The current District 10 representative, along with his council mates, paid an out-of-town company nearly half-a-million dollars to adopt a new plan calling for more density.  In doing so, CPEX ignored the clearly expressed will of hundreds of citizens,” Pettit recounted the process resulting in the Planning Commission’s adoption of a new Master Plan on May 29.

“Let me be crystal clear.  I will lead the council in eliminating CPEX’s plan and stop the effort to bring more density,” Pettit proclaimed.

Passing appropriate zoning and development ordinances, we can encourage responsible growth and eliminate those practices of the past and the business as usual way of doing things.  Infrastructure-driven development is the responsible way to grow.

For too long our parish government has operated behind closed doors where deals were cut, and favors handed out.  Transparency in all matters is what the citizens should demand from their council!

Especially in all financial matters.  After all, it’s taxpayer money.

Do the public’s business IN PUBLIC!

Jeff Pettit, District 10 Candidate