Graves on $1.2 BILLION flood protection funding: Don’t hold your breath

Congressman Garret Graves (R-South Louisiana) made the following statement about HUD’s expected guidance on the $1.2 billion appropriated by Congress for Louisiana flood reduction:

“This $1.2 billion is one of the largest components of Louisiana’s overall flood protection funding. We’ve secured full funding for the Comite, EBR Flood and West Shore projects, along with drainage improvements for hundreds of miles of rivers, creeks and bayous In the capital region. But this is 1980s protection. We need to be prepared for 2050s protection, which is why this $1.2 billion is so important – and why it’s important to get it right.

HUD’s pathological foot-dragging is unacceptable – and we’re working in Congress to permanently remove them from this process. But for now, let’s finish this ridiculous paperwork and start protecting our communities.