Sheriff Webre will not endorse any candidate in Parish President’s election

Sheriff Bobby Webre

With Election Day less than four months away, the race for parish president is heating up.  Ardent supporters of two leading candidates have dug in, the battle lines have been drawn.  So much so that Sheriff Bobby Webre, with a race of his own to run, sent the following statement to the parish president candidates making it clear he is staying out of their fray


I feel compelled to say a few words about the current political landscape and reaffirm to you directly my status as an independent sheriff.

All of us have traveled the four corners of this Parish and our paths have crossed many times. I was honored to attend your formal announcements as candidates for Parish President and was humbled that each of you accepted an invitation to my inauguration and fundraiser.

My position is generally to go where invited by personal friends, supporters and undecided voters to share my qualifications and vision as a candidate for Sheriff, provided my schedule allows it. I am certain that both of you do the same.

I make this commitment to each of you and to the people of Ascension Parish: I will remain an independent sheriff devoted to doing my job and making my own case for election to the office of Sheriff. I will not endorse any candidate in any other race this election cycle.

I hope both of you accept my position in good faith as I believe this respects our democratic process, where voters make decisions on who governs them.

Please feel free to share this message with your supporters and I will also share it with mine. And I look forward to seeing both of you out on the campaign trail!

Sincerely yours,
Bobby Webre