Pettit calls out Cagnolatti over veto vote; latest Quality Engineering contract

I find this unbelievable. Truth is stranger than fiction. The engineering company that is one of the main contributors to the destruction of OUR quality of life and health, safety, and welfare, is being put forward to look out for OUR BEST INTERESTS?!?!?

E.A. Drainage Commission agenda for June 10, 2019:

(8) Contract request for Professional Construction Observation Services Wallace Acres drainage improvement Project #EAD19003 Quality Engineering (Joan Shivers, Purchasing Director)

Let me point out that Quality Engineering in their latest two developments: Brookstone and Camelia Cove, has been in violation of sediment control:

Why would the Matassa administration and the EA Drainage Commission even consider giving an OVERSIGHT CONTRACT for anything drainage related, to a serial offender of local, state and federal laws?

Federal and state regulators, EPA and DEQ, now have Ascension Parish under close scrutiny BECAUSE OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE WORTHLESS!

Per the Advocate:…/article_58d853ce-8a0f-11e9-9a…

Kenny Matassa with District 10 Councilman John Cagnolatti (file photo)

Where in this disaster is my voice, my elected representative?  John Cagnolatti, you are suppose to represent the residents of District-10 and you have failed miserably in that job. Explain your vote on the fill ordinance. Will you ever put down the water bucket you have been toting for the Matassa administration and your developer buddies?

You are causing real and measurable damage to the citizens you claim to represent.

Stop, just stop, representing a few privileged people and the developers and for once, represent District-10.


Jeff Pettit, Candidate

District 10, Parish Council