The Left, Liberals, white guilt and race hustling.

Claston Bernard

By: Claston A. Bernard

One trend most liberals and race hustlers will never allude to, was that the rise of the Civil Rights movement coincided with the decline in racial prejudice which threatened the Southern grip on Jim Crow. This is not to trivialize the Civil Rights movement or the sacrifices many made in their unrelenting pursuit for equality under the law and the end of racial quotas preferring whites during this torrid period. As economist and philosopher Thomas Sowell brilliantly put it, most private bus owners did not share the same sentiment towards segregation as the Southern Democratic law makers. Profit making is what drives private investments, which means it is not in the interest of private businesses to discriminate. Thomas Sowell also went on to say, it does not cost government agencies anything to discriminate as the government agencies are financed by taxpayers’ dollars.

During Jim Crow as Shelby Steel writes about in his book “White Guilt,” there were many whites who though not actively taking part in Jim Crow were complicit in prolonging the industry as in not wanting to be branded as outcasts or be kicked from their social circles. Most of these whites would not picket or stand up for what was wrong with Jim Crow. However, after the Civil Rights and voting rights Act were passed and America acknowledged the sins of the past and apologized for it, this opened the door for those whites who stood on the sidelines to start looking for ways to pay atonement for America’s great sins. This was the birth of a new movement, one that culminated with the election of America’s first Black President Barack Obama. Out of this guilt rose the leftist, the modern liberals and the modern feminist movements. It was not fashionable to be white or proud of Western Civilization anymore without risking being labeled racist, misogynist and bigoted. These movements were able to tie being white with money and power as Steel puts it in White Guilt, Steel further pointed out, it is was a fallacy to believe that this was God showing favoritism to whites. Jim Crow or white supremacy was not the will of God but was borne out of evil.

Steel in White Guilt wrote, “Whites cannot celebrate their race without aligning themselves with white Supremacy and thus with the murder, enslavement, and exploitation of millions the world over. This prohibition is a feature of their lost moral authority another element or territory of white guilt.” In other words, because of the sins of the past anyone white cannot dictate about morality to anyone. This leads us to a report done by Daniel Patrick Moynihan, called The Negro Family: The Case for National Action. In the report Moynihan documented the greatest threats facing the black families at the time was the rise of single motherhood which at the time was around twenty-two percent and today at about seventy-seven percent. His report was severely condemned and dismissed by the Civil Rights groups and also the NAACP. In writing to President Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ), the author of the great society plan. A plan that created many destructive social programs and furthered problems within the black community. Moynihan argued, “that without access to jobs and the means to contribute meaningful support to a family, black men would become systematically alienated from their roles as husbands and fathers, which would cause rates of divorce, child abandonment, and out-of-wedlock births to skyrocket in the black community.” This great society program came out of the white guilt phenomena. There was already affirmative action to some degree in America, however, under President John F. Kennedy and LBJ administration, this plan was designed to reverse discrimination as a temporary means to help level the playing fields for American blacks. As of today, over fifty years later we can see this temporary plan in full effect, the least beneficiaries have been American blacks, just ask Senator Elizabeth Warren, now running for president. These plans carry such a stigma with them that it is hard not to question the positions of certain blacks in high places without thinking that they did not get there but for affirmative action. Though some of these plans had good intentions, many were borne out of liberal white guilt. However, today, they perpetuate the idea that blacks are not smart or qualified enough to make it in this world. This weighs on the psyche of many hard working determined blacks that they are inferior and should continue to depend on the white liberals, and the race hustlers to level the playing fields for them.

In my book “Outcast-No Room at the table for Conservative blacks in black America.” I referenced a Brookings study that shows that between 1970 and 1996, over 226 billion dollars have been spent on social welfare programs due to the breakdown of marriages. The race hustling business that is supposed to address racial grievances is over a trillion-dollar industry. So why is there still so much poverty in black America, and who is benefitting from all the monies being spent? Liberals, lefties and Democratic politicians continue to run on platforms promoting racial inequalities or blaming lack of funding for big government programs as the failure of black American families. It is time to repudiate such lies and deceptive arguments designed to keep the black race ignorant and angry, with their hands outstretched seeking more redress in the form of reparations today from white liberals puffed up in their pride and lust for power running around to the Jacksons and Sharptons seeking absolution.


Claston A. Bernard is Author of book, “Outcast-No Room at the table for Conservative blacks” a two-time Olympian, Commonwealth Games Champion and NCAA champion. Follow me on Twitter, @Clastonb.