Byron Hill announces candidacy for Ascension Sheriff

My name is Byron Hill and I am running for Sheriff of Ascension Parish. I believe I am your best choice for the position because I am not a politician, but rather a law enforcement professional.

Law enforcement is my passion, which shined through during my almost 10 years of exemplary service with the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Department, first as a patrolman, then a detective. Through investigating and solving crimes for the citizens of this parish, I believe I made a real difference in the safety of the community and would be honored to do so again as your next Sheriff.

When elected Sheriff, I will hold myself, my deputies and all staff at the deparment to the highest ethical standards. I will provide consistent, proactive leadership to improve the function and morale of the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office, which will improve the safety of the community and consistency in enforcement of the laws.

All crimes will be investigated and adjudicated with fair and equal justice, without regard to family ties, connections or ethnicity. The department under my administration will be committed to protecting your family and your property as our first priority.

With my 19 years in the military and deep family roots in the community, your concerns are my own. I believe, together, implementing these principles I’ve outlined, we can bring about the change this parish desperately needs. If you agree, I would greatly appreciate your vote in the special election on October 12, 2019.