Sorrento Council issues demand letter to EA Drainage Board; meeting scheduled to resolve issues

Parish equipment left at Sorrento line as if to taunt the town

In order to create a “justiciable” dispute, Sorrento’s Town Council resolved to make demand on East Ascension Consolidated Gravity District No. 1 (commonly referred to as East Ascension Drainage Board) on Tuesday.   The demand includes the parish’s cleaning out nearly 20 miles of roadside ditches inside the town’s corporate limits with a 90-day deadline.  A meeting between the parties is envisioned to resolve an ongoing controversy over the Board’s authority (and obligations) inside two east bank municipalities

Representing Sorrento will be Mayor Mike Lambert, Councilmen Robert Debate and Donald Schexnaydre, and Town Attorney Matthew Percy.  Schexnydre has long criticized the District and Ascension Parish Government for ignoring his constituents who “pay the same tax as every other east bank resident” without much of any benefit at all.  Debate, recently appointed to finish the term of Randi Sutton, is a home-grown expert when it comes to Sorrento drainage.

Sorrento to gather evidence for potential lawsuit against EA Drainage

Sorrento’s demands were finalized at a Special Meeting of the Council in May.  They include “major drainage” items, along with culvert replacements and regular updates of work.  Sorrento also wants physical access to the pump station and online streaming of video to monitor the station at all times.  All of which Sorrento wants accomplished within 18 months, with a commitment to establish regular maintenance thereafter.

Should an agreement fail to materialize, the option to file suit against the EA Drainage will likely be exercised by the Council.

On the west bank the City of Donaldsonville has engaged in similar deliberations with West Ascension Drainage Board, comprised of two Parish Council members as opposed to ten who sit on its east bank counterpart.