Lawler’s public opposition should secure Todd Lambert’s return to Council

Why would anyone want Lawler’s endorsement?

A man is known by the company he keeps.-Aesop

District 7 Councilman Aaron Lawler’s ongoing attempts to carve out influence on a parish council, the majority of which loathes and detests him at present, has seen him cozy up to  every member save Doc Satterlee at one time or another.  To watch Lawler pander to individuals he has privately excoriated (President Kenny Matassa and Councilman Dempsey Lambert being two) is a sight to nauseate the most jaded of observers.  His modus operandi has always been to slobber public adulation all over his enemies (Recreation Director BJ Romano comes to mind) while plotting their demise behind the scenes.

Which makes Lawler’s latest public proclamation, an overt frontal assault, all the more curious.  In the past Lawler’s covert activities sought to unseat other members of the council, Doc Satterlee most conspicuously but Dempsey Lambert and Randy Clouatre also come to mind.  With an election only 141 days away the relative neophyte to parish politics publicly endorsed a challenger to the council’s longest serving member, Todd Lambert.

When Todd Lambert’s better half confronted Lawler on social media his slithering attempt to crawl it back was a reversion to form.

Aaron Lawler Donna S Lambert Todd is in no way an “enemy” of mine. I think he is a great, caring person. He and I share many of the same values and vote the same way in many issues. For me, 20 years is too long though.

What does Aaron Lawler know about the Ascension Parish of two decades ago?  Like Todd Lambert, your writer is a lifer in Ascension who resents some Aaron-come-lately treating us like unschooled peasants fortunate to have him to lead us out of the wilderness.  If Lawler’s house went up in flames he’d run around claiming to have discovered fire.

NOTE to Lawler: Todd Lambert did not move to wherever you came from.

There are an awful lot of folks who believe three-and-a-half years of Aaron Lawler is too long!  As for his friend and favored candidate to unseat Lambert…

A man is known by the company he keeps.-Aesop