Wanna sell your vote for pothole fix? Call Dempsey Lambert

(15 years, +) District 5 Councilman Dempsey Lambert

You know there must be contested Parish Council election in the offing when, seemingly random, newly-laid blacktop starts showing up.  No incumbent has mastered the art of Police Jury politics, supposed to be a relic of Ascension’s bygone rural, parochial past. If  Demspey Lambert, 15+ years in office, understands one thing about local politics it is dispensation of political favors in return for votes.

Case in point, the roadway accessing Paula Park, a stone’s throw from the Lambert family compound, got a partial makeover this week.

Note the Lambert campaign sign

Ascension’s DPW was roused to action in order to improve the road, and accommodate residential driveways with fresh blacktop, halted before covering the road’s full length.  The job was not done at the behest of either pertinent Council Committee; Transportation for obvious reasons, nor Recreation given the road accesses a parish park.

It is well known that Dempsey Lambert has an in with the guys at DPW’s Churpoint facility…

Parish DPW on the job

an even closer connection with President Kenny Matassa’s administration…

Who is that furthest right at Matassa election party along with Moose Pearce, Don Hysell and the gang?

None of which is to say the road leading into Paula Park couldn’t have used a face-lift.  But, so could the lights, playing surfaces, picnic area, etc.  And that is not to mention every actual parish road in an overburdened transportation system.  While we are certain Dempsey Lambert would disagree, this wasteful allocation of precious taxpayer dollars explains how Ascension got in this mess in the first place.

Lambert faces staunch opposition on Election Day, October 12.

Brandon Golson is campaigning against such inefficiencies.

“I don’t doubt that the stretch leading into Paula Park needed some repair, but there are so many other highly-traveled roads the need major improvements,”  Golson said in a telephone interview.  “Those roads in the parish transportation network must take priority.”

Golson identified Devall Road as “the one in District 5” he would prefer to see addressed first.

“Devall Road is not wide enough for two vehicles, without safety striping of any kind,” he pointed out.  “It poses a constant danger to the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens every day.  I’d hate to see anyone get injured or worse because it’s more important for our elected representatives to secure a few votes than address glaring safety issues on a parish road.”

If you are willing to trade your vote for a pothole repair in front of your house, or an unnecessary culvert replacement in your ditch, Dempsey Lambert is the candidate for you.

We urge every other District 5 voter to cast his/her ballot for Brandon Golson.