Sheriff Webre: Notice on use of All-Terrain Vehicles in Subdivisions

Sheriff Bobby Webre

Dear Residents:

As summer approaches, I want to remind homeowners and owners of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) that individuals should not operate ATVs on subdivision roadways and sidewalks.

An ATV is defined as two- or four-wheel vehicle, such as a quad or dirt bike, which is not a standard motor vehicle you see on the highway.

While ATVs can operate safely in off-road and scenic settings, they cause a hazard and threat to public safety on roadways and sidewalks. Our patrol deputies will be assisting the public in keeping our neighbors safe. Individuals operating ATVs in subdivisions will be instructed to keep off roadways and sidewalks.

I am asking for your assistance before any problems arise. If you are the owner of an ATV designed for off-road use, please do not operate it within your subdivision. I am also asking that homeowner associations’ partner with law enforcement to set an example and drive safely this summer and at all times.

Patrol commanders are always ready to hear your feedback and answer your questions. Their contact information is as follows:

District 1 Capt. Darryl Smith @ 225-621-8652
District 2 Capt. Rosevelt Hampton @ 225-621-8649
District 3 Capt. Melvin Boudreaux @ 225-621-8354

Thank you for working with us to keep Ascension safe.

-Sheriff Bobby Webre