Oliver Joseph predicts changes to Parish Council with election five months away

District 1 Councilman Oliver Joseph

As a unanimous Utilities Committee recommended the latest effort to bring sanitary sewer treatment to east bank Ascension, it was the inimitable Councilman Oliver Joseph who put things into proper political perspective.  As a 24-month Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA) between the parish’s Ascension Consolidated Utilities District #2 and a four-company conglomerate was forwarded to the Parish Council on Tuesday, Joseph had this to say for Bernhard Capital Partners’ pitch man.

All I’m going to tell you is, I’ve been down this road before.  You probably don’t have a problem with the Councilmen.  The public, because when you come back here and you give ’em the rates…

You sound good right now.  I’m just telling you, Ascension Parish, it’s hard, very hard on getting public sewage out of the ditches.  It’s hard.

I’ve been here before, Benny’s (Johnson) been here before.  We have to go this road; nobody wants to go down it.  I’m hoping that you can help us.  I’m hoping because you’re the last one.

The CEA’s for 24 months?  You’re probably gonna have a whole new crew here.

With Election Day five months away one council member, Randy Clouatre has stated he will not seek reelection.  Seven others seem to have legitimate challengers as the seeds of anti-incumbency have taken root.