I-10 Interchange at Cornerview Road relies on road deal with Grady Melancon

According to a presentation by Planning Director Jerome Fournier at Monday’s Transportation Committee meeting Louisiana DOTD has identified Cornerview Road as the site for Ascension’s next I-10 interchange.  An “important step” toward closing the deal is building a four-lane road from Hwy 30, north to Cornerview traversing Buzzard Roost, 358 acres of recently rezoned property (from Conservation to Industrial) owned by Grady Melancon’s SLC, LLC.

The committee vote (3-1) was among the most lukewarm endorsements of any road project you’re ever likely to see.  According to President Kenny Matassa “he will hold right-of-way if we do this” in return for a credit against the future Transportation Impact Fee to be incurred when Melancon develops the property.

The lone dissenting vote was cast from the committee chair, Councilman Aaron Lawler pushing for an I-10 interchange at Bluff Road in Ascension’s northwest corner.

Dotted red line shows route of proposed road

Lawler opposed “a mythical…imaginary road” with his minority vote.  Councilman Dempsey Lambert’s “yea” vote belied his opposition.

“The only way I would support this would be that we bring it back to Hwy 74,” Lambert began.  “This’ll be the third time that they brought this back.  I know this is someone different with the developer but, if we bring it back to Cornerview Road, you’re bringing it straight back to another congested road.  We need to get it back to Hwy 74 where a possibility of a bridge, possibly to come.

And, also, the industry; if something happens at one of those plants they can use this corridor, Hwy 74 to get the people out anyway.  I would not want to dump any more on Cornverview Road.  It would have to go to Hwy 74 to help the plants, to help the schools, and everyone in that area.”