Add Stormwater Management to Ascension’s to-do list

The new Stormwater Program Manager

According to Ascension’s Infrastructure Division Director William Daniel “EPA had some unflattering things to say about our Stormwater Program” after a recent visit.  Daniel introduced his newest hire, Malcolm Say (spelled phonetically) at Tuesday’s meeting of the Parish Council Utilities Committee:

My general assessment of the state of the union in terms of waterways in the parish is, we have a lot of work to do.  I really need to talk to these contractors.  The main source of problems for the stormwater program is the construction and the destabilization of earth in the construction process.  That’s most of the problem.

So, I’ve been talking to the contractors and the developers, and indicating to them the importance of keeping our waterways free of sediment.  I talked to several of them and they’re more than happy to work with me and put out the best management practices.  So far I’ve nothing but good feelings from talking to our developers.

Okay.  Is anyone surprised that the development community’s activities are causing harm to Ascension Parish and its waterways?

Does anyone believe, other than the parish’s new Stormwater Program Manager, that “developers are happy to work with” the parish if it costs an extra dime?