Kim Christy Announces Candidacy for Ascension Parish Council, District 7

How will we “grow” forward?

This is the question with which Ascension Parish must wrestle.  The future is now and after years of unprecedented, explosive residential growth, we must come to grips with the harsh reality that the business of the Parish cannot continue as usual without the Parish government urgently addressing our increasingly apparent infrastructure problems.  And according to CPEX, the citizens of Ascension Parish want Parish infrastructure addressed first prior to any further moves to encourage more population growth. And that’s reasonable. With the proper infrastructure improvements, Prairieville will retain its reputation as one of the most desirable places to live in the area.

We are at a critical point as a community.  Efforts to address our needs have only been Band-Aids applied to a gaping wound.  The needs and aspirations of our citizens have been ignored by our elected officials for far too long.  It’s imperative that we have the kind of servant-leadership that acknowledges those needs and aspirations.  That’s why I’m running for Ascension Parish Council.

As a retired FBI Agent with 28 years of service, I bring to this race my skills, experiences, and perspectives I gained during that service, leading my fellow Agents, directing complex investigations, and interacting with the public.  I will work to improve the quality of life in our Parish, advocate for our shared health, safety, and welfare while pushing to implement a process that will enable us to improve our declining infrastructure over time.  In addition, I strongly support and will enthusiastically lead the effort to bring real fiscal transparency and accountability to the Ascension Parish government.

Prairieville is a resilient community.  We are hardworking citizens with strong commitment to our families. That’s why I am honored to announce my candidacy for Ascension Parish Council, District 7.  I can’t wait to hear your concerns and engage with your aspiration. And I plan to earn every vote.

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Kim Christy

Candidate for Ascension Parish Council

District 7