Sunday tornado touches down in St. Amant damaging several homes, vehicles, boats

St. Amant – Sunday Night around 7PM, St. Amant residents could hear a roaring of a train coming through their neighborhood, stated Chief Officer James E. LeBlanc. At least five homes and several cars and boats were damaged in the St. Amant Acy area, after several residents said they heard and saw a tornado tear through their neighborhood.

St. Amant residents living on Rogers A, B and C roads said they heard what sounded like a train coming through their homes, stated LeBlanc. One local resident describe the event as the entire temperature changed inside my home, everything got real black then my home felt like within seconds it filled up with a lot of pressure on the inside, stated Chief LeBlanc.

An Ascension Parish Area still recovering from the August 2016 struck again, we are so blessed that we had no injuries of our St. Amant resident’s, stated LeBlanc.

Minutes after the tornado passed, Volunteer Firefighters from the St. Amant and 5th Ward VFD’s were cutting trees out the road ways, and going house to house taking accountability of all our residents, stated LeBlanc. Within 25 minutes we had an accurate accountability of every resident in the area and a very good assessment of homes, vehicles and boat damages, stated LeBlanc. Volunteer Firefighters were able to stabilize a large carport with hydraulic tools, to keep it from collapsing on residents.

Again, we are very blessed that none of our residents were injured. Some eight hours later, we are still working to get power restored to these residents and the Ascension Parish Homeland Security Office is working to get a Declaration passed to be able to assist our residents with local and state resources, stated LeBlanc.