Skate Park demolition is NOT the City of Gonzales’ doing

Ascension Parish (and NOT the City of Gonzales) recently decided to demolish a skate park on Irma Blvd to make way a Senior Wellness Center next door to the Council on Aging’s building.  Social media posts in response to the news urged that city officials be contacted to save the skate park.  But that will have no effect “since it’s not up to the city.”

Contacted by Pelican Post Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux had this to say:

“The City of Gonzales does not own the subject property and has never exerted any control over the skate park.  The parish built the park, the parish ran the park, the parish maintained the park.  And Ascension Parish is closing the skate park.”

“We were not consulted and found out about the skate park’s closure when everybody else did,” Mayor Arceneaux added.

He did point out that the city does maintain a nearby T-Ball field pursuant to an agreement with Ascension Parish.