Remembering our friend Tee Wayne Abshire

It’s now right at 12 hours since we got the call this morning to respond to our friend – Tee Wayne. It’s taken me this long to reflect about this morning and all the wonderful things people across our Parish have said all day about our friend.

I would like to start off by recognizing our medical First Responders from the St. Amant, 5th. Ward and Galvez-Lake Volunteer Fire Departments along with Acadian Ambulance that responded this morning. I appreciate your compassion, your dedication and your efforts for our friend. I know today has been very emotional for you as well.

To Ashley, Christy, Matthew and Mary and the entire Abshire Family, words cannot describe how hurt this community feels for each and every one of you. Tee was a friend, a mentor, and father and a wonderful provider. Today, this entire community wraps their arms around each one of you, and holds all of you close to our hearts.

I’m not going to say anything here, that hundreds of people in our community have not been saying all day today. There was not an organization he did not help, there was not a person he did not come to the aid of and he always put people in the community a head of himself.

Every Fire Department function, every Booster Club function, every CAER Function, every school athletic function he would look at me and say – “Chief what you need from us, and never said no to any request we had”.

Tee Wayne and I spoke just about every other day, cause so many times a week he was taking care of some great function across this Parish for us. My favorite plate was surly the BBQ plate, chicken, sausage, dirty rice bread and beans. You could eat off that one plate for three days.

He was so instrumental in the Jambalaya festival and loved helping the 4H shooting club. If it was helping people – Tee Wayne was involved in it.

Tee Wayne had an inner strength that could have powered the entire world if you were able to harness it, he also had the courage beyond anyone that I ever encountered. As you see by the hundreds and hundreds of social media post today, Tee Wayne was an inspiration to so many people in this community.

Tee Wayne brought life to everything and touched every heart that he ever met. Everyone who met Tee Wayne knew he was a caring and giving person. Tee Wayne had a unique quality in that he could make anyone feel special in our community. He brought life to everything and touched every heart he ever met. He dedicated himself to helping others and never expected anything in return.

My friend Tee Wayne, you have indeed made the supreme sacrifice to make the quality of life better for all of us in Ascension Parish. May you rest in peace for eternity knowing that you have a very large family and two wonderful children to carry on the love and continued sacrifice that you made every day you opened your eyes.

Yes, I will miss your disarming smile, great sense of humor and “go get attitude”, that allowed you to quickly and effortlessly befriend just about every person you ever met. Young and old, family, friend, neighbor … If you were a warm body and crossed Tee Wayne’s path… He was your friend. He had such friendly, warm, upbeat, positive, non-judgmental and endearing personality.

It was fun, adventuresome and always exciting to be your friend – Tee Wayne. I’m going to miss our friendship, and our weekly talks on the phone.

To the entire Abshire Family, thank you so much for sharing Tee Wayne with this community. We are all better, because of his Compassion, Determination and Loyalty to Ascension Parish.

Arrangements – Wednesday 3/13 – Visitation at 5 till at Ourso Funeral Home, Gonzales

Thursday 3/14. Visitation 10-12 services start at 12 at Our Lady of Perpetual Help, Maurice La. Burial will be at Abshire Cemetery following the services.


Fire Chief / Constable

James E. LeBlanc

March 12, 2019