Satterlee ends speculation announcing 2019 Re-election bid

Family, friends, neighbors, District 4 residents (voters), et al.:

After a lot of serious reflection and soul searching, I’ve come to a very important life decision. Albeit, arguably, I’m getting a little “long in the tooth” age wise, and, as most of you probably know or have heard about, I have been recently battling some health issues, I have, nevertheless, with the support of my family and other loved ones, decided to seek a third term as the District 4 Councilman in Ascension Parish.

This decision was NOT easy for me as I am blessed in the twilight of my life with lots of things to otherwise occupy my time in retirement. There’s the draw of my new boat and fishing camp in Slidell, coupled with a wonderful wife (my “bride” of 25 years), two children, a step-daughter, four grandchildren, two vigorous (attention crazed) doggies, and a show horse, all to which I certainly wouldn’t mind giving more of my time and energies.

The above said, however, I believe I can continue to “pat my head and rub my stomach at the same time” as a senior “public servant” for at least one more term (perhaps my last?) as well. No, I’m NOT crazy or a glutton for more punishment. The facts are: I continue to enjoy fighting for THE PEOPLE and there is much yet to do. I am also greatly heartened to see so many fine young, and older individuals, who have routinely publicly expressed political like-mindedness with myself, to have taken the courageous step of challenging incumbents for seats on our Council. I certainly would enjoy serving with a goodly amount of “fresh blood” at both the Council and administrative (Parish President) levels.

So, as always, da ‘ole Chicken Doctor is nothing without the help and support of YOU guys! Since I’m willing to continue to give a late-in-life precious part of me (my time and energy) to YOU, I humbly ask are you willing to reciprocate in kind and do your part? What do I need from YOU? Simple, it has been and always will be: for YOU to continue to “help me, help YOU to take our parish back.” Remember that? It was my campaign slogan before my first term, way back in 2011, and I believe it’s STILL applicable today.

While much has been accomplished with YOUR help and through my leadership in Strategic Planning and service in general on the Council (please review my FB timeline), as I said above, there’s much more yet to do. Just as one example, as the newly appointed Chairman of the Utilities Committee (since January, 2019), I have been diligently working and will continue to work very hard to bring modern-day sewer to AP (especially in the priority area of P’ville). Despite the many failed attempts in the past, I fully intend to implement this badly needed and vital service, and to do so WITHOUT asking for a NEW TAX! I firmly believe that I can turn this trick with YOUR help!!

To kick off my 2019 campaign for re-election, I humbly ask for your financial support (to be used for signs, mailers, postage, etc.) and vote. As most of you know, in order to not feel ANY obligation to big businesses (mega-donors), I have always run a “grassroots” campaign. I have repeatedly rejected support monies from large engineering firms, developers, and other entities that do mega-business with AP. Rather, I have traditionally invited, and have taken, small monies, almost exclusively from “mom and pop” donors- folks, like you, who have graciously spared $25, $50, or $100 contributions. I intend to do so again.

If you seek good and honest local government, please consider a donation by making your check(s) payable to the “Satterlee Campaign.” All donations can be mailed to: 18394 Greenbriar Ave., Prairieville, LA 70769. In addition, if you live in D4 (within a subdivision or otherwise), or if you reside off any major D4 connector roads (e.g., H 427 (Old Perkins Road), H 928 (Bluff Road), H 73, H 621, U.S. 61 (Airline Hwy.), Swamp Road, Duplesses, Tiggy Duplessis), or if you live near D4 border surrounds, and are willing to show support for me by displaying a sign on your property, please don’t hesitate to contact me in this thread, by Facebook PM, or phone (225-673-2512).

God Bless EVERYONE.. together, we can do it!