Ascension Parish Livestock Show Winners 2019

The Ascension Parish Livestock Show was held January 18th & 19th at the Lamar Dixon Expo Center in Gonzales, LA.  The Parish Livestock Show is the first of a series of youth livestock shows where exhibitors present their animals to be judged.  In addition to the animal judging, 4-H’ers and FFA members can participate in premier exhibitor contests that quiz the showman’s knowledge of their livestock project and a showmanship contest that evaluates how well the showman presents their livestock animal to the livestock judge.

There were 75 4-H and FFA members who exhibited over 220 animals in this year’s Ascension Parish Livestock Show!  The two day event consisted of a stick horse rodeo, exhibition of rabbits, poultry, sheep, goats, beef cattle, dairy cattle and swine, and an awards banquet to honor volunteers and exhibitors.

The primary sponsors for the event were Nutrien, Coating Services, Enlink Midstream, and Maintenance Dredging.

Below are the list of winners from the Ascension Parish Livestock Show!  Good luck to these showman and their animals as they move on to represent Ascension Parish Livestock at the South Central District Livestock Show on January 31- February 2 at Lamar Dixon Expo Center where they will compete to qualify for the State Livestock Show being at Lamar Dixon February 9-16. Please come out and show your support of these awesome youth exhibitor’s and their projects!

Grand Champion Market Goat Alie Causey
Reserve Grand Champion Market Goat Desiree Falgout
Champion Purebred Boer Buck Sarah Pregeant
Reserve Champion Purebred Boer Buck Logan Brignac
Champion Purebred Boer Doe Hayden Daigle
Reserve Champion Purebred Boer Doe Sarah Pregeant
Champion Percentage Boer Doe Alie Causey
Reserve Champion Percentage Boer Doe Hayden Daigle
Champion Purebred Pygmy Buck Grant Gautreau
Reserve Champion Purebred Pygmy Buck Zack Zeringue
Champion Purebred Pygmy Doe Grant Gautreau
Reserve Champion Purebred Pygmy Doe Nathaniel Gautreau
Champion Nigerian Dwarf Buck Marie Brignac
Reserve Champion Nigerian Dwarf Buck Sadie Bourgeois
Champion Nigerian Dwarf Doe Alie Causey
Reserve Champion Nigerian Dwarf Doe Paige Blanchard
Champion Commercial Doe Desiree Falgout
Reserve Champion Commercial Doe Alie Causey
Supreme Champion Buck Sarah Pregeant
Supreme Champion Doe Desiree Falgout
Goat Showmanship
Champion Senior Showman Desiree Falgout
Champion Intermediate Showman Alie Causey
Champion Junior Showman Sarah Pregeant
Champion Rookie Showman Paige Blanchard
Overall Champion Goat Showman Desiree Falgout
Premier Goat Exhibitor Sarah Pregeant
Dairy Cattle
Champion Jersey Female Hudson Clements
Reserve Champion Jersey Female Hudson Clements
Rookie and Overall Champion Showman Hudson Clements
Beef Cattle
Champion Steer Camryn Castrogovannie
Champion Non-Brahman Influence Commercial Heifer Cody Waguespack
Champion Angus Bull Zack Zeringue
Champion Angus Heifer Brody Babin
Reserve Champion Angus Heifer Zack Zeringue
Champion Beefmaster Bull Paige Zeringue
Reserve Champion Beefmaster Bull Joey Zeringue
Champion Beefmaster Heifer Paige Zeringue
Champion Grey Brahman Bull Peyton Blanchard
Reserve Champion Grey Brahman Bull Peyton Blanchard
Champion Grey Brahman Heifer Peyton Blanchard
Champion Hereford Heifer Brody Babin
Champion AOB Female Camryn Castrogovannie
Overall Bull Peyton Blanchard
Overall Heifer Camryn Castrogovannie

Champion Senior Showman Paige Zeringue
Champion Intermediate Showman Peyton Blanchard
Champion Junior Showman Brody Babin
Overall Champion Beef Showman Paige Zeringue
Premier Beef Exhibitor Peyton Blanchard

Champion Market Lamb Tate Templet
Reserve Champion Market Lamb Ella McGowan
Champion Commercial Ewe Marie Brignac
Reserve Champion Commercial Ewe Marie Brignac
Supreme Ewe Marie Brignac
Champion Senior Showman Stephanie Epps
Champion Junior Showman Ella McGowan
Champion Rookie Showman Tate Templet
Overall Champion Sheep Showman Ella McGowan


Champion Market AOB Torie Laiche
Reserve Champion Market AOB Kylie Cliburn
Champion Market Barrow Abby Lobell
Reserve Champion Market Barrow Bailey Louviere
Champion Market Hampshire Bailey Louviere
Reserve Champion Market Hampshire Cheyenne Moran
Champion Market Yorkshire Bailey Louviere
Reserve Champion Market Yorkshire Cheyenne Moran
Champion Cross Gilt Torie Laiche
Reserve Champion Cross Gilt Cheyenne Moran
Champion Market Duroc Anna Schexnayder
Reserve Champion Market Duroc Ian Turner
Grand Champion Market Pig Torie Laiche
Reserve Champion Market Pig Cheyenne Moran
Champion Commercial Gilt Scott Brogan
Reserve Champion Commercial Gilt Jesse Fairchild
Champion Breeding AOB (Any Other Breed) Madylyn Turner
Champion Breeding Duroc Tobie Laiche
Reserve Champion Breeding Duroc Madylyn Turner
Champion Breeding Hampshire Madylyn Turner
Champion Breeding Yorkshire Torie Laiche
Reserve Champion Breeding Yorkshire Scott Brogan
Supreme Breeding Gilt Tobie Laiche
Champion Senior Showman Torie Laiche
Champion Intermediate Showman Dallis Moran
Champion Junior Showman Jake Folse
Champion Rookie Showman Beau Louviere
Overall Champion Swine Showman Dallis Moran

Premier Swine Exhibitor Torie Laiche
Champion Broiler Lyla Cernich
Reserve Champion Broiler Lyla Cernich
Champion Bantam Bird Luke Guillot
Reserve Champion Bantam Bird Allie Cliburn
Champion Standard Bird Allie Cliburn
Reserve Champion Standard Bird Anna Parker
Supreme Bird in Show Luke Guillot
Champion Senior Showman Rachel Stewart
Champion Intermediate Showman Bailey Louviere
Champion Junior Showman Kayleigh Salazar
Champion Rookie Showman Sheila McCrory
Overall Champion Poultry Showman Bailey Louviere


Grand Champion Rabbit Brooklynn LeBlanc
Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit Kayleigh Salazar
Champion Rabbit Meat Pen Hudson Clements
Champion Senior Showman Kyndal Wright
Champion Intermediate Showman Luke Guillot
Champion Junior Showman Anna Parker
Champion Rookie Showman London Hicks
Overall Champion Rabbit Showman Anna Parker
Premier Rabbit Exhibitor Rachel Stewart
Rabbit Photography Contest Bailey Louviere
Rabbit Costume Contest Brooklynn LeBlanc
Rookie Exhibitors (1st Time Showman)
Lyla Cernich Hudson Clements
Paige Blanchard Lily Raffray
Beau Louviere Paige Zeringue
Tate Templet Nathaniel Gautreau
Samira Lopez London Hicks
Jacie Hebert Mallory Miller
Morgan Miller McKinzey Fowler
Allie Cliburn Sheila McCrory
Sophie Gibbons Marie Brignac
Karli Fife Anna Parker
Luke Stafford
Overall Rookie Exhibitor Lyla Cernich


2019 Graduating Livestock Seniors
Paige Zeringue Zack Zeringue
Kelsie Brignac Jesse Fairchild
Cody Waguespack McKinzey Fowler
Adult Volunteer Service Award
Adult Volunteer Service Award Neal Schexnayder