Casso amends agenda to hire Ernst & Young for comparative analysis of sewer plans

Two days ago President Clint Cointment called out “certain council members” for “intentional sabotage (and) manipulating the process in favor” of Bernhard Capital Partners as the governing authority considers a mega-million dollar proposal for east bank sanitary sewer.  Yesterday the council chairwoman, District 8 representative Teri Casso amended the body’s next meeting agenda (tonight) to […]

Anonymous letter accuses Cointment of criminal posting to social media

An anonymous letter addressed to numerous media outlets, Ascension’s Sheriff and District Attorney, and the Parish Council accused President Clint Cointment of “using taxpayer money and parish employees to create videos for his political website, Clint Cointment-the Clear Choice.”  Posted from Baton Rouge, like another anonymous letter received by the former District 4 councilman recently, […]

Ascension getting into Traffic Signal business so developer can sell residential lots

Ascension Parish, apparently, is getting into the traffic signal business.  It is, not surprisingly, to accommodate two new subdivisions near the Germany/Braud road intersection where the signal will be installed.  Since the parish lacks the expertise to operate traffic signals an outside traffic engineer has to be hired so that Highland Trace and Lake at West Creek (subsequently […]

Orgeron: “I am not in the bag with anyone!” Just incompetent?

Below is Councilman Corey Orgeron’s response to our inquiry; is he “in the bag for Bernhard Capital Partners/Ascension Sewer?” Corey Orgeron Despite your ingenious attempts to attack and ridicule I will offer answers to your childish inuendo. NO, I am not in the bag with anyone! I am not “lobbying” for any one proposal; however, […]

How long was the fix in for Bernhard’s sewer plan? Casso email from January 19 tells tale

At the end of every year we clean out the contents of two computers, discarding all those items compiled just in case we might have had occasion to fit them within some article.  At the end of our yearly ritual we chanced upon the following, received in 250-page response to a records request in March: […]

Chairwoman Casso and other members carrying Bernhard’s wastewater

Ascension citizens deserve a meaningful opportunity to be heard at the December 16 Special Meeting of the Parish Council to consider: (4) Approval of Construction, Operation, and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between ACUD #2 and Ascension Sewer, LLC (5) Approval of Contribution and Conveyance Agreement – Act of Transfer – by and between Ascension Waste Water […]

Lawler admits pushing for lawsuit, anticipated fix being in with Matassa criminal fee payoff

We read with interest Councilman Aaron Lawler’s recap of Thursday’s Parish Council proceeding, specifically the 7-2 vote to pay criminal legal fees incurred by President Kenny Matassa.  Lawler wrote: Aaron Lawler  Dec. 5 Council Meeting Recap 5. On a 7-2 vote the Council approved the payment of President Matassa’s legal fees. Chair women Casso and […]

Cointment working group proposes contractual revisions to Ascension Sewer

Four weeks until Inauguration Day, Parish President-Elect Clint Cointment spent the past five days digging into the Construction, Operating and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement proposed by Ascension Sewer, LLC five months ago.  The document was amended by Ascension Sewer on multiple occasions pursuant to discussions at multiple Parish Council and Utilities Committee meetings, what passed for negotiation by […]

Arcane medical marijuana laws and remarkable story of local man who resists

July 16, 2006 was the last day I got to see my step dad alive.  He was so sick from chemo but he told my mom that he was going to boil crabs for me before I went back to Wyoming.  We boiled crabs and it was one of the best days of my life.  […]

Council candidate Joel Robert addresses Opioid Crisis

On February 7 President Kenny Matassa declared “a big need in Ascension Parish for some type of detox facility for our people…Everybody knows about the opioid epidemic.”  Some know better than others.  Candidate for Parish Council Joel Robert, who came by his intimate knowledge of opioid addiction the hard way, applauds Matassa’s efforts. Under discussion […]