Change Order #4 to courthouse construction brings total to $29,434,921

Ascension’s Parish Council is set to consider a fourth Change Order in construction of the new courthouse being erected on E Worthey St in Gonzales, next door to the parish’s Governmental Complex.  The latest change: Change Order #4 to contract with The Lemoine Company, for the new courthouse construction to include the addition of council […]

What is Corey “One Apple at a Time” Orgeron going to do now?

The depth of Corey “One Apple at a Time” Orgeron’s hypocrisy will be plumbed tonight.  On Monday, from his Utilities Committee chair, Orgeron explained why he would not vote to appropriate $200,000 for President Clint Cointment’s administration to explore inspection/monitoring of Individual Treatment Units (separate and apart from those subdivision systems served by private wastewater […]

Three councilmen reject Subdivision Regulation proposed to ensure child safety

Seven items on Thursday’s Strategic Planning agenda, necessary and beneficial changes to Ascension’s Land Development Code according to the committee’s chairman, were an exercise in futility; an abject waste of time and effort for President Clint Cointment’s administration.  The first and, arguably, most paramount was a proposal to prohibit any new subdivision development exiting onto […]

Pure chaos at embarrassing Thursday Council meeting

Ascension’s Parish Council, not the most orderly body under the best of circumstances, descended into pure chaos Thursday in Donaldsonville.  Helpless, Chairwoman Teri Casso could do nothing to prevent the “embarrassment” as Councilman Aaron Lawler ran roughshod over the rest; and not for the first time.  The gaping divide between Council leadership and President Clint […]

Cointment proposes jobs program to replace inmate labor for parish projects

There are two contracts between parish government and Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office (APSO) coming up for renewal. For some time, the Litter Abatement project and Drainage Maintenance effort have relied upon inmate labor pursuant to Cooperative Endeavor Agreements, each paying APSO $100,000 annually. My administration is recommending that neither be renewed and that we initiate […]

Eight of Cointment’s nine appointees ratified (Utilities Director name pulled)

Nine positions subject to council approval, eight ratified without a single dissenting vote, and a glaring omission.  Ascension’s Parish Council signed off on every one of President Clint Cointment’s appointees except for the Director of the Utilities Department, Gavin Fleming whose name did not come up for vote on Thursday.  According to a high-ranking member […]

Cointment plan $115 MILLION less than Ascension Sewer, $30 less in monthly rates

In the months preceding his inauguration Clint Cointment attempted negotiation with Ascension Sewer, LLC, seeming to garner concessions in the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA) aimed at bringing sanitary sewer to Ascension’s east bank.  Council Chairwoman Teri Casso pulled the plug, but Cointment (and a standing room only crowd of citizens) convinced the lame duck council […]

$3 MILLION budget amendment introduced, additional $191,313 approved for new courthouse

“Who’s responsible to fund those changes?” asked President Clint Cointment of the $191,313 change order for the new courthouse being built alongside Ascension Parish’s governmental complex in Gonzales.  According to Thursday’s Parish Council agenda the additional dollars are “for access control and door hardware changes, fire suppression, mechanical and electrical modifications/additions associated with final room […]

Cointment and Council allocate $800,000 to bail out Courthouse Construction Committee

Another $2.2 million going toward new Council Chamber Three years ago the Parish Council approved a resolution parroting enabling legislation to increase civil filing fees charged by Ascension’s Clerk of Court; and dedicated to pay off the bond issued to fund a new courthouse.  Those fees were supposed to pay for the new courthouse without […]

Taxpayers were not supposed pay for new courthouse (the $3 Million council resolution)

Below you will find the resolution, unadulterated and in its entirety, whereby Ascension’s Parish Council seeks to offer up $3,000,000 for, in part, “Audio Visual Equipment for the Courtrooms at the New Courthouse.”  This project was pitched from its inception under former President Kenny Matassa (recall Judge Jason Verdigets’ recusal in the criminal case because […]