To override, or not to override: Melancon on fill ordinance (vetoed by Matassa)

  NOTE:  Chase Melancon shared the following letter with each member of the Parish Council in anticipation of Thursday night’s vote to override President Kenny Matassa’s veto of the ordinance capping fill material used by new construction at three feet.  The ordinance also establishes new elevation requirements, adding a foot to existing code. I know […]

New Ascension LOMR Maps Available for Review (Comments accepted until August 21)

The Ascension Parish Department of Public Works has announced that FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Administration) has reissued a LOMR (Letter of Map Revision) to properties in the Bayou Conway, Bayou Boyle, and Panama Canal basins. The new LOMR is essentially the same as a previously issued revision, with the exception that there are no floodway […]

Council agenda includes vote to override Veto of Fill Ordinance (6/6)

REGULAR MEETING OF THE ASCENSION PARISH COUNCIL June 6, 2019 – 6:00 PM (Donaldsonville) AGENDA (1) Call To Order / Invocation and Pledge (2) Roll Call (3) Chair’s Additions (4) Public Comment Sign- In Period (5) Presentations a. Certificate of Recognition – Lester Lerch (6) Parish President’s Report: (7) Council Committee Reports: a. Finance Committee […]

Murphy Painter’s opportunism and why it’s bad for Ascension

Murphy Painter is a walking, talking persecution complex; wrapped in delusions of grandeur secured by ribbons of paranoia.  And, after three decades of maneuvering for the job of Ascension Parish Sheriff, he wants to be parish president.  Painter, essentially an out-of-work private investigator… has nothing to lose; which cannot be said of parish residents frustrated […]

Signs, signs, everywhere signs!

Is this intentional political commentary?  We cannot think of anything to add.

Contractor pleads to defrauding 2016 Flood victims, agrees to 3-Year incarceration

On May 28, 2019, Michael Simmers of 15473 Ryan Ave. Prairieville, LA., age 48, pled guilty to Contractors; Misapplication of Payments and received a sentence of five years with the Department of Corrections.  Simmers also pled guilty to one count of Residential Contractor Fraud and received seven years with the Department of Corrections.  Those sentences […]

Cointment: “I Pledge to Repeal Master Plan”

As your next Parish President I pledge to repeal the Master Plan adopted by the Planning Commission on May 29.  The 205-page document is flawed and, much worse, does NOT capture the will of Ascension Parish citizens.  It was produced behind closed doors, ignoring hundreds of your comments and concerns even though $450,000 of our […]

New Master Plan approved; Cointment vows to “fight tooth and nail to stop it”

“You can’t take Trump’s wall and put it at Bayou Manchac,” Chairman Matthew Pryor opened Wednesday’s Special Meeting of the Planning Commission scheduled to approve a new Master Land Use Plan for Ascension Parish.  The plan, according to Pryor, is “designed to manage” the horde of newcomers expected over the next two decades “and retain […]

In the bag for development? Matassa vetoes fill ordinance

Parish Council members are receiving notice via certified mail that a vote to override President Kenny Matassa’s veto has been scheduled for June 6 in Donaldsonville.  If it stands the veto would nullify an ordinance passed on May 16 by a unanimous council that caps fill material utilized to elevate development at three feet, eliminating […]

Sorrento proposes agreement to EA Drainage Board

NOTE: Sorrento’s Town Council recently authorized its attorney to make demand on EA Drainage Board, seeking to have its roadside drainage ditches cleaned/cleared.  Two months and counting and the Board has not replied, not officially anyway.  The Council held a Special Meeting last week to formalize demands on the Board.  See below (omitted is the […]