Assessor Statement for Businesses Impacted by COVID-19

“To generate fair and equitable assessments for our local businesses impacted by the COVID-19 shutdown we are doing everything possible to lessen this year’s business tax liability,” said Assessor Mert Smiley. If COVID-19 has impacted your business financially, the Ascension Parish Assessor’s Office may be able to offer assistance after review of your business’ loss […]

Ernst & Young’s comparative analysis of sewer plans removed from Council agenda

Ascension Parish Council’s Tuesday agenda included a Resolution ­ to retain the firm of Ernst & Young to analyze and compare sewer plans (Chairwoman Teri Casso).  The item had been added after President Clint Cointment challenged “certain council members” for “intentional sabotage (and) manipulating the process in favor” of Bernhard Capital Partners which authored one of […]

Ascension Building and Permits office reopens

Ascension Parish Government announced that the building inspections and permits office at the Governmental Complex will reopen tomorrow, June 23, for normal business hours. Those needing to conduct business with this department are reminded that the State and Parish are still in Phase II of reopening. This means that social distancing remains in place, and […]

ARPEC elections (7/11) could be interesting

Without presidential nominations being contested it is easy to forget (assuming you were aware in the first place) that Election Day is July 11.  Down ballot, though, there are races of interest for hardcore observers of the local political scene.  For the first time since March 24, 2012 (when a total of 419 votes were […]

Sewer proposal would create rate-setting Board consisting of non-Ascension Parish majority

Pursuant to a recommendation by the Corey “One Apple” Orgeron-chaired Utilities Committee comes Item 6(r) on Tuesday’s Video Conference Parish Council meeting: Approval of a five-person ACUD#2 Advisory Board (Utilities Committee Recommendation) It is a precursor to the Council’s consideration of allowing three individuals residing outside of Ascension Parish to set monthly wastewater treatment rates […]

Change Order #4 to courthouse construction brings total to $29,434,921

Ascension’s Parish Council is set to consider a fourth Change Order in construction of the new courthouse being erected on E Worthey St in Gonzales, next door to the parish’s Governmental Complex.  The latest change: Change Order #4 to contract with The Lemoine Company, for the new courthouse construction to include the addition of council […]

Ascension Sewer’s current proposal (red-line version to highlight changes)

Obtained pursuant to a records request (which Parish Attorney O’Neil Parenton attempted to withhold for some reason), we present the most recent Construction, Operating and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement proposed by Ascension Sewer, LLC.  The draft contained in the pdf. file below is the “red-lined” version so that you may more easily consider any changes from the December […]

What is Corey “One Apple at a Time” Orgeron going to do now?

The depth of Corey “One Apple at a Time” Orgeron’s hypocrisy will be plumbed tonight.  On Monday, from his Utilities Committee chair, Orgeron explained why he would not vote to appropriate $200,000 for President Clint Cointment’s administration to explore inspection/monitoring of Individual Treatment Units (separate and apart from those subdivision systems served by private wastewater […]

Transportation Committee recommends increase of Impact Fees

On Monday Ascension’s Council Transportation Committee recommended a hefty increase of the Impact Fees collected on every new residential and commercial structure in the parish.  Enacted in April 2016, but assessing only 70% of the maximum allowed, the fee has generated $8,729,895 that are dedicated to specific parish roads designated by the full council.  Had […]

Utilities Committee rejects funding for inspection of Individual (Sewer) Treatment Units

The two highest ranking members in President Clint Cointment’s administration appeared before the Parish Council’s Utilities Committee on Monday in the ongoing wastewater treatment saga.  Infrastructure Director Ken Dawson and Chief Administrative Officer John Diez delivered a sobering, and definitive, message; impairment of Ascension’s waterways is attributable to Individual Treatment Units (ITU) more so than […]