BASF introduces local female students to STEM careers

BASF recently sponsored Girl Powered – a hands-on workshop that introduced 100 ninth-grade female students from Ascension Parish’s four high schools to careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM). BASF brought the event to Ascension Parish through a partnership with the Robotics Education and Competition (REC) Foundation and VEX Robotics. “Diversity is a value we prioritize […]

Gonzales MS receives grant from Richard Oil (Popingo’s)

Gonzales Middle School received a $500 check on behalf of the ExxonMobil Foundation on Tuesday, December 3, 2019.  Richard Oil, owner of several Popingo’s Stores in Ascension Parish, donated the funds that will be used for math and science materials for students. Pictured above: Back Row-Principal Lori Charlet and Assistant Principal Chazz Watson; Front Row-Gonzales Popingo’s Manager […]

Cointment, Melancon secure further negotiation; Special Meeting cancelled

Soon to be Ascension Parish President, Clint Cointment was joined by Councilman-Elect Chase Melancon at a Monday afternoon meeting with the power brokers behind Ascension Sewer, LLC (with a Special Meeting scheduled the next day to approve the mega-deal).  Cointment brought along a list of items for discussion which included several contractual issues included in […]

Three revisions and Ascension Sewer deal still STINKS

As the Parish Council considers the largest capital improvement project ever contemplated for Ascension, the proposed agreement with Ascension Sewer continues to be amended.  While the latest permutation, dated November 27, encompasses a few changes for the better (from the parish’s perspective), there is much that could be done to protect the tax and rate paying public. […]

BASF contributes $5,000 to support local student/entrepreneurs

BASF donated $5,000 to the Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Baton Rouge (YEA BR) to support six aspiring business founders from Ascension Parish public schools. Under instruction of the Louisiana State University E.J. Ourso College of Business, an annual cohort of 29 local high school students gain skills and generate ideas to start their own businesses. […]

New courthouse progressing in Gonzales

Construction of Ascension Parish’s new courthouse, on E Worthy Road next door to the Governmental Complex in Gonzales, is proceeding apace.

APSO Arrest Report for the Week of November 14-21

Below is Ascension Sheriff’s arrest report for the week of November 14-21: November 14 arrests: Tyla Williams, 18, 2525 W Orice Roth Rd-204, Gonzales was charged w/ Illegal Carrying of Weapons, Contributing to Endangerment of a Minor, and Manufacture/Distribution/or PWITD Schedule I-CDS; Brandon David, 25, 12033 Roddy Rd-2, Gonzales was charged w/ Parole Violation; Geral Bowman, III, 29, […]

Sewer deal discussed without vote; Cointment and three councilmen-elect express reservations

It took three-hours, plus for Ascension’s Parish Council to get through a single agenda item on Thursday: (8) Utilities Committee Recommendations: a) Review of negotiations of Construction, Operation, and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between ACUD #2 and Ascension Sewer, LLC Still insufficient according to skeptics including numerous citizens and four newly-elected officials including Parish President-Elect Clint […]

Sewer contract negotiations rife with potential conflicts of interest

Section 4.5 of the proposed Construction, Operating and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between Ascension Consolidated Utilities District No.. 2 and Ascension Sewer, LLC is entitled Affiliates; Staffing and Labor Issues.  It reads: At its discretion, the Operator (Ascension Sewer) may interview and hire employees of the Parish currently providing services related to the System so long as the employees […]

LAME-duck council legacy is BANKRUPTCY if Ascension Sewer deal gets done

Did the Ole’ Chicken Doctor pull a fast one? Ascension’s Parish Council is scheduled to approve (or deny) a 46-page Construction, Operating and Cooperative Endeavor Agreement, along with eight appendices on Thursday.  The contractual terms have never been discussed publicly, not the ones that will bankrupt the parish anyway.  That’s how one-sided (against the parish and […]