Utilities grappling with Ascension Sewer agreement (will resolution come before new council sworn in?)

Three decades and counting, Ascension’s efforts to bring sanitary sewer to the east bank are ongoing.  Everyone seems to agree, with potential EPA/DEQ consent decrees a real possibility, that this particular piece of the infrastructure puzzle is a must.  How best to go about it, though, is a matter of contention with which the Parish […]

Kim Christy taking on incumbent, and special interests

For the first time in Ascension’s quarter-century experiment with Home Rule, seven elections in all, five Parish Council incumbents lost reelection bids, a sixth chose not to qualify.  That means majority turnover of the 11-member panel with one runoff election between the District 7 incumbent (Aaron Lawler) and challenger, Kim Christy, to be decided on […]

Record-setting early voting numbers changing Ascension political landscape

Early/absentee voting in Ascension continues to spike, every gubernatorial/legislative/parish-wide ballot since October 24, 2015 has seen the numbers climb.  A record number of Ascension Parish voters exercised the franchise early for the October 12 Primary Election; a record shattered by those voting early for Saturday’s (November 16) General Election.  It is attributable to Oak Grove […]

Taxpayers now paying two law firms, neither approved by council, in Matassa lawsuit

It was business as usual for Ascension’s Parish Council, a majority of whose membership will have been unseated by January’s first meeting, as six perfunctory Industrial Tax Exemptions were approved without discussion of any kind.  Two Road Infrastructure (taxing) Districts were introduced so that existing taxpayers are not on the hook to maintain Jamestown Crossing […]

Runoff on November 16; will the real Aaron Lawler please stand up?

On March 21 Councilman Todd Lambert decried “a deal cut back in the day” whereby nearly $3 million would be allocated for a new gym at Lamar Dixon Expo Center (Council Travis Turner’s pet project) “if the soccer fields (Councilman Aaron Lawler’s ideal) get built.”  The merits of either project aside, Lambert had an undeniable […]

Grand Jury finds no evidence of rapes “covered up”

The District Attorney’s Office initiated an investigation, including convening a grand jury, into allegations of rape allegedly “covered up” thirty years ago.  These allegations came to light after the Pelican Post online posted recorded statements allegedly made by Murphy Painter.  The District Attorney’s office has found no evidence of any unreported rapes, or rape cases […]

Matassa won’t agree to release record of criminal proceeding in suit to recover legal fees

Kenny Matassa could not be compelled to testify at his July 2018 criminal trial when he was acquitted of felony bribery charges.  No matter how distasteful for him, that will not be the case in pre-trial discovery and at trial of the civil lawsuit he filed (and dragged Ascension Parish Government into as party-plaintiff so taxpayers […]

Prairieville leads the way to record Early Voting day

According to Ascension Clerk of Court Bridget Hanna: A record first day of Early Voting in Ascension Parish: Oak Grove Community Center – 1837 voters; Gonzales – 1312 voters; and Donaldsonville 319 voters for a total of 3468 voters. Early Voting continues Monday, Nov. 4th through Saturday, Nov. 9th from 8:30 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. […]

Kim Christy is the fiscal conservative in District 7 contest

Kim Christy is the true fiscal conservative on the ballot for District 7, Ascension Parish Council despite what the incumbent would have you believe.  Aaron Lawler has, from time to time, mouthed perfunctory platitudes advocating parsimony, all while failing to protect the public purse on any pet project he promoted.  Christy, for her part, prefers […]

Rotary Club of Gonzales to host High Heels for High Hopes in support of March of Dimes (11/7)

Gonzales, LA – The Club of Gonzales will host High Heels for High Hopes, a Ladies Gala, to raise money for the March of Dimes on Thursday, November 7th, at the Clarion Inn in Gonzales. It is the 17th year for this annual event where the ladies are served by “celebrity” men in tuxes. The […]