No vote on sewer deal; and none scheduled as Cointment presents alternative

On December 20 an outgoing parish council rejected a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with Ascension Sewer, LLC; then voted to place the same agreement on last night’s agenda for the new council to consider.  No vote was had as Councilman Corey Orgeron moved to refer the agreement “back to Utilities Committee” (which he happens to chair).  […]

Is Ascension Sewer viable without EBR customers paying increased rate?

Apparently, Ascension Parish Council’s next meeting agenda will not include approval/denial of the proposed agreement with Ascension Sewer, the consortium fronting for Bernhard Capital Partners.  That is in contravention of the council’s December 20 decision to have the vote on Thursday.  Much has changed since then, calling important elements of the proposal into question. On […]

Is Orgeron the new Satterlee (in the bag for Bernhard)?

EDITOR’s NOTE:  Is newly-elected District 4 Councilman Corey Orgeron “in the bag” for Bernhard Capital Partners/Ascension Sewer, just like his predecessor was?  Our concerns are predicated upon the highlighted excerpt of Orgeron’s offering below (which appeared on his campaign Facebook page only moments ago).  (Emphasis added). Corey Orgeron – Ascension Parish Council District 4 As […]

Animal Services Board appointed with oversight of $1.3 million annual tax revenue

Ascension’s inaugural Animal Services Board was appointed by the parish council on November 21, 2019. Fenton Lipscomb 11/21/19 -11/21/23 Sharla Roussel 11/21/19-11/21/23 David Berniard 11/21/19 -11/21/22 Jean Ingrassia 11/21/19 -11/21/22 Wanda Sittig 11/21/19 -11/21/22 Nina Wager 11/21/19 -11/21/21 The roster of board members includes their respective terms, staggered to avoid the need for wholesale reappoints […]

Is January 23 vote on sewer agreement still planned?

Is Ascension’s Parish Council still planning the vote to approve/deny the proposed agreement with Ascension Sewer, LLC on January 23?  When will the requisite “public meeting” to elicit comment, educate, proselytize…(or whatever it is the council had in mind) be conducted? On December 20, a Friday night five days before Santa’s scheduled visit, citizens packed the […]

Ascension Parish Council names officers and committees

The first order of business for the new Ascension Parish Council at its very first meeting on January 9, 2020 was the election of its officers. District 8 representative Teri Casso was elected to a second consecutive term as Chairwoman. Travis Turner of District 3 was elected Vice Chair. “I congratulate Councilwoman Casso and Councilman […]

Who does Casso tab for Utilities chair with Satterlee gone?

The next important piece of parish council business is Chairwoman Teri Casso’s assignments to six Standing Committees, including appointment of respective chair/vice-chair to preside over same.  Those committees, with 2019 chairs (and in order of perceived importance by the Editor given the current state of Ascension Parish), are: Utilities (Daniel “Doc” Satterlee) Finance (Bill Dawson) […]

APSO Arrest Report for the Week of January 2-9

Below is Ascension Sheriff’s arrest report for the week of January 2-9: January 2 arrests: Jeffery Sims, 47, 194 Grisaffe Ln, Belle Rose was charged w/ (3 counts) Theft, and Entry on or Remaining after being Forbidden; Dwight Williams, 38, 8454 Kingview St, St. James was charged w/ Simple Burglary, Criminal Trespass, Theft, and arrested pursuant to […]

8 members for Casso bodes ill for Cointment presidency

8 (of 11) members sided with Teri Casso who was re-seated in Ascension’s Parish Council chair on Thursday, the first meeting since six new members (along with five incumbents) were sworn into office.  One need not be a numerologist to understand the significance of that number which portends ill for the administration of newly-inaugurated President […]

Casso retains chair in 7-3 vote

Teri Casso has retained the chair of Ascension’s Parish Council by a 7-3 margin.  Three votes went to Chase Melancon.  Each of Casso’s multi-term colleagues supported Casso… Along with three individuals attending their first ever meeting as elected members… Not pictured: Alvin Thomas. Joel Robert, Chase Melancon and Michael Mason comprised the minority vote. Councilman […]