Matassa and AP Government seek $545,487 in criminal fees, penalties

On June 18 a lawsuit was filed by Ascension Parish Government (APG) and Kenneth Matassa as plaintiffs seeking reimbursement of the latter’s legal fees incurred to defend a 2017 bribery indictment.  Named defendants are the insurance company from which APG secured a policy and the agent who brokered the deal.  Plaintiffs (the only reason for […]

Matassa adds 140 employees, $5.3 Million to Ascension’s payroll (and counting)

President Kenny Matassa inherited a 403-man personnel roster from his predecessor, with a total payroll of $17,437,530 according to records produced by Ascension Parish Government on February 10, 2016.  Matassa had been on the job 34 days, having already gotten rid of former lead engineer Bob Horner in a personnel move to belie the monumental […]

St. James judge strikes again (and is overturned on appeal…again)

Three years ago an indictment against Sorrento councilman Randy Anny charged multiple counts of Forgery, Theft, Malfeasance, and Impermissible Fee Splitting with co-defendant Roy Maughan, Jr.  Assigned to Judge Thomas Kliebert’s Division B of the 23rd Judicial District Court for the Parish of Ascension, the case against Anny is scheduled for trial in October after […]

What does it cost to hire Meyer Engineering for a splash pad in AP? $49,900, logarithmically speaking

If we learned nothing else at Thursday’s Council meeting, it was determined how much it cost to engineer a splash pad in Ascension Parish.  If you’re part of the taxpaying public… $49,900 That’s a different question than; what’s it cost to be given the no-bid contract to perform the engineering of a splash pad? Whether […]

Matassa’s “official” Reasons for Veto of Fill Ordinance

Dear Chairwoman Casso and Ascension Parish Council Members: I am hereby informing you of my decision to veto the amendments to The Unified Land Development Code, Appendix V-Drainage ordinance by you on May 16, 2019.  I have made this decision after considerable analysis and discussion with staff and consultants concerning the implementation and impacts of […]

If it enrages Pendarvis can it be all bad? 3′ cap on fill adopted

If it frustrates the development community to the point of muttering veiled threats on their way out the door, can it be all bad?  One of Ascension’s land barons, Dempsey Pendarvis, angrily exited the Courthouse Annex in Gonzales on Thursday after a unanimous vote to cap fill material at three feet, period; an admittedly arbitrary […]

Blind Faith? Ascension cannot negotiate with anyone but Ascension Sewer

Without a word of comment from President Kenny Matassa or his administration, not a syllable out of ten Parish Council members, a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA) with Ascension Sewer, LLC was approved at Thursday’s meeting.  The company is a self-styled “consortium” cobbled together by Bernhard Capital Partners which includes two engineering firms (GSA Consulting Engineers […]

Jeff Pettit: Sewer agreement another bad deal for Ascension

Sight unseen the Council Utilities Committee recommended a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with “a consortium” of interests put together by Bernhard Capital Partners to undertake “East Bank Regional (Sewer) System.”  If adopted by the Council tonight the parish will be stuck with Ascension Sewer, LLC and its four participating companies for at least 25 months as […]

First Anniversary: Jamestown Crossing (sausage-making at its finest)

One year ago today Ascension’s Planning Commission approved Jamestown Crossing (two phases), 172 lots on either side of Hwy 930.  It was the last plat approval before the Parish Council enacted a stringent Traffic Impact Analysis policy that would have, in all probability, killed the project.  Hwy 930, a substandard roadway, runs into one of Ascension’s busiest, Hwy […]

Traffic Impact Analysis in action: Evelyn Estates approval conditioned on intersection improvements

Evelyn Estates, a 43-lot subdivision proposed on 24.75 acres north of Cornerview Road and half-a-mile east of Hwy 73 received preliminary plat approval from a unanimous Planning Commission on Wednesday.  The approval was conditioned upon major improvements at two intersections which, more likely than not, means the subdivision will never be built. “If, in return […]