Ten questions posed to Ascension Sewer; three answers

A few hours before it appeared by the Parish Council Utilities Committee on October 8, we received a press release from Ascension Sewer, LLC touting the economic windfall of its plan.  Hiring Dr. James Richardson, Alumni Professor of Economics and Public Administration at Louisiana State University to make its case, the whole pitch was based on manipulable numbers. […]

Scanlan stockpiling Parish Council votes for A Better Ascension’s agenda?

With two runoffs for Ascension Parish governmental offices (Parish President and the District 7 Council seat) scheduled for a November 16, a new money man has emerged to throw his check book around.  John Scanlan, former head of EATEL and Director of the “non-profit” corporation with a purely political agenda, A Better Ascension, contributed more cash than any […]

Murphy Painter’s half-baked blackmail attempt

The morning of August 7, the second day to qualify for October 12’s primary election date, a messenger sent by Murphy Painter arrived at your writer’s house mid-morning. “Murphy asked me to give you this… …and tell you he’d like to meet today,” this mutual friend passed along his message and the thumb drive pictured […]

13 months later: SSA Consultants delivers Job Qualifications for top positions (but no job descriptions)

Cristel Slaughter and the gang from SSA Consultants were back before Ascension Parish Council Finance Committee on Tuesday, this time recommending a series of qualifications for all parish personnel positions subject to ratification by the Council.  Hired over 13 months ago to write job descriptions for every employee and establish a performance management program; the […]

Ascension’s first Stormwater Manager out in less than six months. How’d he last that long?

Oh, Malcolm, we hardly knew ye! Introduced by Infrastructure Director William Daniel in April, Ascension’s first ever Stormwater Program Manager Malcolm Sayes almost made it six months.  In a recent group email sent from Parish Government, the alert was included almost matter-of-factly.  Dated September 30, that email closed with: Malcom Sayes is no longer with […]

Parish President campaign contributions only 25% of 2015 total

Four candidates for Ascension Parish President reported a total of $192,190 in campaign contributions 30 days prior to October 12, Election Day.  That’s approximately one-quarter of the contributions reported for the 2015 election cycle when five candidates sought the parish executive (in the neighborhood of $750,000).  Murphy Painter led the way with $141,200, about what […]

Aaron Lawler supports Higher Density residential for Ascension

Reading Councilman Aaron Lawler’s latest social media diatribe against an unnamed candidate, we are reminded of the adage (variously attributed to Mark Twain and Abraham Lincoln, you can’t go wrong there): ‘Tis better to be silent and be thought a fool, than to speak and remove all doubt. Lawler, to the delight of Kim Christy […]

Corey “the Bald-Faced Liar” Orgeron is at it again

Since a certain District 4 candidate has seen fit to drag your editor into his disinformation campaign, see below, we decided to join the discourse.  If we were in the habit of sugar-coating things we’d say of Corey Orgeron; “he’s got a penchant for hyperbole and a tenuous grasp of the facts.”  Since we aren’t, […]

Don’t blame Judge Jessie LeBlanc for Matassa/Council gaffe

We told you so! (Again) Don’t blame Judge Jessie LeBlanc for temporarily enjoining Ascension Parish from enforcing a resolution to ban fill material in flood zones A/AE. The Temporary Restraining Order expires, by law, in ten days meaning the Parish must show cause “why a Preliminary Injunction” should not be granted until a trial can […]

Profile: Councilman John Cagnolatti

Last week we posed two questions to District 10 Parish Councilman John Cagnolatti: How would you characterize John Cagnolatti’s 3.5 years on the council (of what are you most proud, any regrets, etc)?] What do you hope to accomplish in the future? His reply, unedited and unadulterated, can be read… Councilman John Cagnolatti assesses tenure, the […]