Parish President’s payroll padding (P4) does not include Department Heads (not officially anyway)

Parish President Kenny Matassa’s unprecedented padding of parish payroll does not include three patronage plums near the top of Ascension’s un-codified organizational chart, or does it?  Our friend and former Utilities Director Bill Depew offered commentary on the state of that Department recently: I didn’t know I would be irreplaceable! Two (2) years and they […]

LAGNIAPPE: Why Teri Casso should be next Council Chair

Required to elect one of its 11 members to the chair at the first meeting of every year, Ascension’s governing authority is scheduled to choose its next leader tomorrow in Donaldsonville.  The candidates to succeed Councilman Bill Dawson as Ascension’s next Parish Council Chairperson have been pared to two, Benny Johnson and Teri Casso.  Casso […]

Wanna slow subdivision development? Implement drainage regs like Tangipahoa just did

Tangipahoa’s Parish Council just approved regulations disallowing subdivision developers from building houses in wetlands and flood zones.  Meanwhile, in Ascension Parish where Councilman Dempsey Lambert chairs East Ascension Drainage Board, the governing authority continues to kick the can down the road.  Why? Because implementation of already proposed revisions would curtail irresponsible subdivision development in Ascension?  […]

More cronies who made Matassa Claus’ nice list

Membership has its privileges and, if you happen to be an insider in Parish President Kenny Matassa’s circle, privilege becomes entitlement; the taxpayers of Ascension Parish owe those insiders a living.   GSA Consulting Engineers, good for a maximum $2,500 contribution and a place for Matassa’s campaign to meet every Tuesday in 2015 was the recipient […]

Planning Commission bails out Grady Melancon

Granting this variance, you’re basically bailing out the developer who specifically did something he was instructed not to do.  At what point to we just…not continue to roll over? – Planning Commissioner Aaron Chaisson. The developer referred to by Commissioner Chaisson is longtime Ascension mover and shaker, Grady Melancon.  Melancon’s company came to the Planning Commission […]

North Ascension voters lead way to passage of Animal Shelter tax

The voting precincts corresponding to Ascension’s northernmost Parish Council districts led the way in approval of Saturday’s 1-mill property tax assessment to fund an Animal Shelter.  Districts 4, 5, 7, and 11 are home to a higher percentage of newly-arrived residents, less familiar to Ascension-style politics than we old-timers.  Voters in those districts accounted for […]

Planning Commission has authority to rescind Oak Grove Townhouses approval; Does it have the will?

Ascension’s Planning Commission has the authority to rescind its March 14 preliminary plat approval of Oak Grove Townhouses.  Does it have the will to do so? The Commission’s next meeting is scheduled for December 12 when nine months will have elapsed since the development’s plat approval.  Paragraph (H) of Section 17-405 in the parish’s Unified […]

Is CPEX listening? We have no infrastructure; No more development

There seems to be a disconnect between Center for Planning Excellence’s (CPEX) work product and the public input being put in at multiple Open House meetings to gauge citizenry sentiment on the way to confection of a new Master Land Use Plan.  Hundreds of sticky notes attached stuck to CPEX’s slick displays overwhelmingly convey one message […]

Ascension’s worst expenditures of 2018

Dubbed “a big stinky pile” by Parish Council Chairman Bill Dawson, your $306,200 taxpayer bailout of Ascension Wastewater Treatment has to be among the worst expenditures in a year replete with waste and dispensation of political patronage on a scale heretofore unseen in the parish…and that is saying something.  Let’s begin with the few positives. […]

Vision or Pipe Dream for Ascension’s future: The CPEX Master Land Use Plan

Enumerating 29 Guiding Principles (nearly enough that every citizen in attendance could have his/her own), Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) unveiled its latest proposal for a Master Land Use Plan at Gonzales Civic Center on Wednesday.  CPEX’s Vision for the Future of Ascension attempts to incorporate a lot of something for everyone, a bridge over the Mississippi […]