Jeff Pettit: Sewer agreement another bad deal for Ascension

Sight unseen the Council Utilities Committee recommended a Cooperative Endeavor Agreement with “a consortium” of interests put together by Bernhard Capital Partners to undertake “East Bank Regional (Sewer) System.”  If adopted by the Council tonight the parish will be stuck with Ascension Sewer, LLC and its four participating companies for at least 25 months as […]

First Anniversary: Jamestown Crossing (sausage-making at its finest)

One year ago today Ascension’s Planning Commission approved Jamestown Crossing (two phases), 172 lots on either side of Hwy 930.  It was the last plat approval before the Parish Council enacted a stringent Traffic Impact Analysis policy that would have, in all probability, killed the project.  Hwy 930, a substandard roadway, runs into one of Ascension’s busiest, Hwy […]

Traffic Impact Analysis in action: Evelyn Estates approval conditioned on intersection improvements

Evelyn Estates, a 43-lot subdivision proposed on 24.75 acres north of Cornerview Road and half-a-mile east of Hwy 73 received preliminary plat approval from a unanimous Planning Commission on Wednesday.  The approval was conditioned upon major improvements at two intersections which, more likely than not, means the subdivision will never be built. “If, in return […]

Oliver Joseph predicts changes to Parish Council with election five months away

As a unanimous Utilities Committee recommended the latest effort to bring sanitary sewer treatment to east bank Ascension, it was the inimitable Councilman Oliver Joseph who put things into proper political perspective.  As a 24-month Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA) between the parish’s Ascension Consolidated Utilities District #2 and a four-company conglomerate was forwarded to the […]

Ascension’s share of $1.2 BILLION in Flood Recovery limited by State of Louisiana

Citing “election year politics” Councilman Randy Clouatre lambasted anonymous state officials for plans to diffuse $1.2 billion in federal “Disaster Recovery” funding at Monday’s East Ascension Drainage Board meeting.  Housing and Urban Development (HUD) “awarded nearly $28 billion to support long-term disaster recovery in hard-hit areas in nine states, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin […]

$800,000 worth of Master Plan proposals going nowhere fast

As one request for an Attorney General opinion clarifying Planning Commission authority over preliminary plats has languished for seven months, we hearken back nearly a decade to analyze the seven-member appointed body’s power to adopt a new Master Land Use Plan.  Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) is pocketing $450,000 to give the commission something to […]

Is the Council or Planning Commission responsible for adopting new Master Plan?

50, or is it 60,000 people are coming to Ascension Parish in the next 25 years whether you like it or not according to Center for Planning Excellence (CPEX) Director of Planning Janet Tharp.  Where those new residents are going to live, how jam-packed into Residential Neighborhoods, Estate Subdivisions, or Neighborhood Hubs allowing an unspecified […]

How did (arbitrary) 3′ cap on residential fill material come about?

As Ascension’s Council is set to consider capping fill material on every construction project at three feet, nobody seems to know how that number came about.  Currently the operative ordinance (Section 17-507) limits fill to three feet on lots smaller than 1/2 an acre, allowing more fill on larger lots, commercial development, major/minor subdivisions only […]

Matassa to sue insurance agent; taxpayers on hook for $100,000 deductible if successful

Concerning reimbursement of President Kenny Matassa’s criminal legal fees it seems the prescriptive period (statute of limitations for every American not residing in Louisiana) expired before he filed a claim against Ascension’s Public Entity insurance provider.  Thus, Berkley Insurance is off the hook for the $235,000 paid to Matassa’s criminal defense lawyer.  So, with Councilman […]

Six months and counting…AG has failed to provide opinion on Planning Commission

On October 19, 2018 Ascension’s Legal Counsel O’Neil Parenton drafted a letter addressed to Louisiana’s Attorney General.  It requested an opinion from the state’s chief legal officer, answers to two fairly straightforward questions; to-wit: Can Ascension Parish Council through a Charter Amendment make the Planning Commission advisory only for consideration of Major and Minor Subdivision […]