Profile: Councilwoman Teri Casso

District 8’s Teri Casso is the second woman to serve on Ascension’s Parish Council, the first to assume the chair after seven years wielding the gavel over the powerful Finance Committee.  Preaching “efficiencies in parish government” all the while, Casso’s former committee was nothing more than a clearinghouse to rubber-stamp every expenditure concocted by two […]

Profile: Councilman Aaron Lawler

Aaron Lawler first came to our attention as a private citizen who was one of Better Recreation NOW!’s most ardent proponents in 2014.  Voters handily rejected a 5-mill property tax in support of the bold initiative, but Lawler carried that pro-recreation ardor and propensity for big ideas into his first term as District 7’s council representative.  Among […]

Matassa and AP Government seek $545,487 in criminal fees, penalties

On June 18 a lawsuit was filed by Ascension Parish Government (APG) and Kenneth Matassa as plaintiffs seeking reimbursement of the latter’s legal fees incurred to defend a 2017 bribery indictment.  Named defendants are the insurance company from which APG secured a policy and the agent who brokered the deal.  Plaintiffs (the only reason for […]

Matassa adds 140 employees, $5.3 Million to Ascension’s payroll (and counting)

President Kenny Matassa inherited a 403-man personnel roster from his predecessor, with a total payroll of $17,437,530 according to records produced by Ascension Parish Government on February 10, 2016.  Matassa had been on the job 34 days, having already gotten rid of former lead engineer Bob Horner in a personnel move to belie the monumental […]

St. James judge strikes again (and is overturned on appeal…again)

Three years ago an indictment against Sorrento councilman Randy Anny charged multiple counts of Forgery, Theft, Malfeasance, and Impermissible Fee Splitting with co-defendant Roy Maughan, Jr.  Assigned to Judge Thomas Kliebert’s Division B of the 23rd Judicial District Court for the Parish of Ascension, the case against Anny is scheduled for trial in October after […]

33 months without one; Utilities Director hiring should be left to next parish president

It has been 33 months since Ascension Parish has employed a Utilities Department Director.  And now, with President Kenny Matassa on his way out the door after ignoring the recommendation of a highly-paid consultant, the administration has posted a job notice.  What gives? The last Utilities Director, Bill Depew was dumped after calling attention to […]

What does it cost to engineer a splash pad in AP? $49,900, logarithmically speaking

If we learned nothing else at Thursday’s Council meeting, it was determined how much it cost to engineer a splash pad in Ascension Parish.  If you’re part of the taxpaying public… $49,900 That’s a different question than; what’s it cost to be given the no-bid contract to perform the engineering of a splash pad? Whether […]

Matassa’s legacy is Painter’s Plan of Government

Until exercising the presidential veto of a May 16 ordinance capping development fill at three feet across Ascension Parish, Kenny Matassa’s legacy would have been escaping justice after bribing a candidate for Gonzales City Council.  Insiders, highly-placed, question the legitimacy of State of Louisiana versus Kenny Matassa, especially the non-prosecution by AG Jeff Landry’s office, but also […]

Team Murphy Painter just gave east bank the middle finger (fill ordinance veto charade)

At first blush Oliver Joseph’s refusal to vote on the measure to override President Kenny Matassa’s veto last Thursday seemed cowardly, or maybe Joseph is just incompetent.  Having observed Joseph for nearly a decade though, we know better.  He is not a coward, nor is he incompetent; so, what just happened as the ordinance limiting […]

Murphy Painter’s opportunism and why it’s bad for Ascension

Murphy Painter is a walking, talking persecution complex; wrapped in delusions of grandeur secured by ribbons of paranoia.  And, after three decades of maneuvering for the job of Ascension Parish Sheriff, he wants to be parish president.  Painter, essentially an out-of-work private investigator… has nothing to lose; which cannot be said of parish residents frustrated […]