Record-setting early voting numbers changing Ascension political landscape

Early/absentee voting in Ascension continues to spike, every gubernatorial/legislative/parish-wide ballot since October 24, 2015 has seen the numbers climb.  A record number of Ascension Parish voters exercised the franchise early for the October 12 Primary Election; a record shattered by those voting early for Saturday’s (November 16) General Election.  It is attributable to Oak Grove […]

Taxpayers now paying two law firms, neither approved by council, in Matassa lawsuit

It was business as usual for Ascension’s Parish Council, a majority of whose membership will have been unseated by January’s first meeting, as six perfunctory Industrial Tax Exemptions were approved without discussion of any kind.  Two Road Infrastructure (taxing) Districts were introduced so that existing taxpayers are not on the hook to maintain Jamestown Crossing […]

Runoff on November 16; will the real Aaron Lawler please stand up?

On March 21 Councilman Todd Lambert decried “a deal cut back in the day” whereby nearly $3 million would be allocated for a new gym at Lamar Dixon Expo Center (Council Travis Turner’s pet project) “if the soccer fields (Councilman Aaron Lawler’s ideal) get built.”  The merits of either project aside, Lambert had an undeniable […]

Edmonston: Opponent continues to lie about me in his latest campaign hit piece!

Brandon Trosclair continues to lie about me in his latest campaign hit piece! In the source he uses ( I stated, “I have served the children and families in Ascension Parish schools for over 20 years.”  He stated on his mailer that I have worked “in government” for 20+ years.”  In his background at this […]

Ascension Assessor honors vets by supporting local VFW chapter

As Veteran’s Day approaches, we’re reminded of the sacrifices of our heroes; past and present.  It is a time for honoring the many veterans that have served and protected our country and it’s values by reflecting, giving back and serving others. Assessor “Mert” Smiley stopped by the Gonzales VFW to offer assistance to Ascension Parish’s […]

Ten questions posed to Ascension Sewer; three answers

A few hours before it appeared by the Parish Council Utilities Committee on October 8, we received a press release from Ascension Sewer, LLC touting the economic windfall of its plan.  Hiring Dr. James Richardson, Alumni Professor of Economics and Public Administration at Louisiana State University to make its case, the whole pitch was based on manipulable numbers. […]

Scanlan stockpiling Parish Council votes for A Better Ascension’s agenda?

With two runoffs for Ascension Parish governmental offices (Parish President and the District 7 Council seat) scheduled for a November 16, a new money man has emerged to throw his check book around.  John Scanlan, former head of EATEL and Director of the “non-profit” corporation with a purely political agenda, A Better Ascension, contributed more cash than any […]

Painter: “Look the other way (when) five girls under the age of 12” raped

In July 2017 Murphy Painter arranged a multi-day meeting to discuss his pending defamation lawsuit against Louisiana’s Inspector General and others.  Prominent in Painter’s explication was IG Investigator Shane Evans who, Painter asserted, defamed the erstwhile candidate for Ascension Sheriff/current candidate for parish president (Evans was recently dismissed from that ongoing suit, by the way).  […]

Murphy Painter’s half-baked blackmail attempt

The morning of August 7, the second day to qualify for October 12’s primary election date, a messenger sent by Murphy Painter arrived at your writer’s house mid-morning. “Murphy asked me to give you this… …and tell you he’d like to meet today,” this mutual friend passed along his message and the thumb drive pictured […]

13 months later: SSA Consultants delivers Job Qualifications for top positions (but no job descriptions)

Cristel Slaughter and the gang from SSA Consultants were back before Ascension Parish Council Finance Committee on Tuesday, this time recommending a series of qualifications for all parish personnel positions subject to ratification by the Council.  Hired over 13 months ago to write job descriptions for every employee and establish a performance management program; the […]