Is Orgeron the new Satterlee (in the bag for Bernhard)?

EDITOR’s NOTE:  Is newly-elected District 4 Councilman Corey Orgeron “in the bag” for Bernhard Capital Partners/Ascension Sewer, just like his predecessor was?  Our concerns are predicated upon the highlighted excerpt of Orgeron’s offering below (which appeared on his campaign Facebook page only moments ago).  (Emphasis added). Corey Orgeron – Ascension Parish Council District 4 As […]

Is January 23 vote on sewer agreement still planned?

Is Ascension’s Parish Council still planning the vote to approve/deny the proposed agreement with Ascension Sewer, LLC on January 23?  When will the requisite “public meeting” to elicit comment, educate, proselytize…(or whatever it is the council had in mind) be conducted? On December 20, a Friday night five days before Santa’s scheduled visit, citizens packed the […]

8 members for Casso bodes ill for Cointment presidency

8 (of 11) members sided with Teri Casso who was re-seated in Ascension’s Parish Council chair on Thursday, the first meeting since six new members (along with five incumbents) were sworn into office.  One need not be a numerologist to understand the significance of that number which portends ill for the administration of newly-inaugurated President […]

Casso should not retain the parish council’s chair

Thursday marks the first meeting of Ascension’s recently reconfigured parish council, six newbies comprising a slim majority of the 11-member body, the same number required to elect its next chairperson.  Multiple attempts at canvassing having been conducted by several of those concerned and…we cannot predict with any degree of confidence who will wield the gavel […]

Why did council add another $100,000 for Ernst & Young?

With the vote on a controversial sewer treatment contract, highly-flawed and concealed from public view until recently, on hold until January 23, 2020; why did the Parish Council appropriate another $100,000 for Ernst & Young to do whatever it is they’re doing? The agenda item leading to the vote pictured above: (6) Authorization to increase […]

One year as Council Chair, time to oust Casso

Governing is difficult even when the people trust elected officials.  That is not the case in Ascension Parish where the people voted out a majority of the parish council on October 12; and a new parish president was elected over the institutional candidate preferred by the current power structure.  If the next council wants to […]

The PEOPLE won on Friday; Sewer deal DENIED, rescheduled for January 23

The power of THE PEOPLE was evidenced last night as their Parish Council postponed the momentous decision, whether or NOT to approve a controversial agreement with Bernhard Capital Partners-backed Ascension Sewer, LLC.  The PEOPLE showed up in force, unhappy and unwilling to endure lectures or pontification from Ascension officials, elected or not.  Anticipated to be an […]

Shadowy sewer negotiations the fault of Chairwoman Casso

The time for modern sewer in Ascension Parish has come.-Councilman Daniel “Doc” Satterlee (December 8, 2015) Those words were spoken during a Special Meeting of the Parish Council to consider Ascension Environmental, the Public Private Partnership proposed by GSA Consulting Engineers and a consortium of companies supposed to deliver the goods, i.e. sanitary sewer for east bank […]

Corey Orgeron is the voice of reason (we stand corrected)

NOTE:  We were just directed to Councilman Aaron Lawler’s social media page where he posted the agenda for a Special Meeting of the Parish Council on Tuesday, December 3.  That’s when the body, six (out of 11) of whom will not be around in January, will consider the largest capital expenditure in Ascension’s history. Approval […]

Ascension Sewer: Why the rush (and who’s pushing it)

A cursory review of the latest draft of the proposed contract between Ascension Sewer, LLC and the parish reveals numerous changes to the Construction and Operating Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (“the Agreement”) since the Parish Council Utilities Committee last met.  That is a good thing since the first draft was so one-sided in favor of Ascension Sewer that the parish’s continued […]