Sheriff Webre expresses concern over convicted contractor’s COVID-19 venture

According to Baton Rouge Business Report on Monday, contractor Matthew Morris “has opened a new business and is selling COVID-19 remediation services on Facebook.”  The headline identified Morris as “An ex-contractor who allegedly took advantage of flood victims.”  The gentle descriptive is “a complete mischaracterization of Mr. Morris’ proven criminal activities” in the words of […]

Bernhard’s Baudier just muddied up Ascension’s wastewater, time to scrap the agreement

Ascension Sewer/Bernhard Capital Partners’ (BCP) Jeff Baudier, with Tom Pertuit of Ascension Wastewater Treatment (AWT) in tow, reappeared before the Ascension Parish Council Utilities Committee on Tuesday.  Chairman Corey Orgeron’s agenda included three items related to companies’ attempt to undertake regional sewer treatment on Ascension’s east bank (with smatterings of East Baton Rouge, Livingston and […]

He’s back (and suing DA Ricky Babin)

He’s the lingering whiff of that noxious smell that just can’t be eradicated from the nostrils.  Murphy Painter, the erstwhile parish presidential candidate who never really had a chance in 2019, has time on his hands and a grudge consuming his thoughts.  On February 11 Painter filed a Petition for Mandamus against District Attorney Ricky Babin […]

What will newly-negotiated agreement with Ascension Sewer include?

Vote-skipping Corey Orgeron was all bluff and bluster when he proposed a six-member Sewer Negotiation Team from the Parish Council’s Utilities Committee chair.  Big talk, and little else, we eagerly await the progress (or lack thereof) toward a viable agreement with Ascension Sewer, LLC; one that won’t overburden toilet flushers or bankrupt Ascension.  To that end, we […]

Orgeron skips out on Employee Appeals (not before another spectacular display of ignorance)

Councilman Corey Orgeron has his priorities in order, and performance of his duties as the representative of District 4 does not top the list.  Much has been made about Orgeron’s skipping out on three Employee Appeals (and the final 1:20:00 of Thursday’s meeting of Ascension’s council), none of it a credit to Orgeron.  According to […]

Parish payroll reduced over $1 Million since Cointment took office

Clint Cointment was sworn into Ascension’s parish presidency on January 6, inheriting a bloated annual payroll created by his predecessor with 542 employees listed on the master roster (provided in response to a mid-December 2019 records request).  Kenny Matassa (2016-19) added approximately 150 names to that roster he inherited from Tommy Martinez, actually reducing the workforce […]

Corey “the Bald-Faced Liar” Orgeron goes after Cointment

A well-established propensity for mendacity, i.e. telling bald-faced LIES, Councilman Corey Orgeron told another whopper this morning.  It was in response to his constituency’s angst over a 237-lot subdivision intended for Hwy 73 where “nightmarish traffic” is a maddening daily reality. 237-lot subdivision off Hwy 73 in Prairieville on Planning agenda (Wednesday) We’ll give Orgeron […]

Matassa’s illegal $27,456 raise (and other tales of pillage in parish government)

NOTE: We first published the following piece on December 15, 2019.  Since the current administration has weighed in at The Advocate’s prodding, we republish today. The Corrupt Organization (we don’t think it’s Racketeering Influenced, RICO) that is Kenny Matassa’s administration has been a blight on Ascension Parish for four years.  With two weeks left before that cancer […]

Recreation bemoans unsafe condition at local parks while spending $2.9 million on gym expansion

With plans for a $2.9 million gym expansion at Lamar Dixon Expo Center 100% complete and “going out for bid” Ascension’s Council Recreation Committee bemoaned the “dangerous” condition at local parks posed by long-neglected lights.  Former Councilman Todd Lambert called it “a deal cut back in the day” last year.  He described a quid (the gym […]

New Year, same old Lawler

Below is Councilman Aaron Lawler’s social media depiction of the January 23 meeting of Ascension’s Parish Council.  President Clint Cointment announced two personnel decisions, John Diez as Chief Administrative Officer and Randy Watts to direct the Human Resources Department. Aaron Lawler January 24 at 1:20 PM ·  Last night was a mixed bag at the Council. On […]