20 months/845 lots later and STILL no action on Drainage Impact Studies

When Councilman Oliver Joseph gavels tonight’s Strategic Planning Committee meeting to order it will begin his tenure as the committee’s chairman.  It will have been 20 months since the committee took up ineffectual Drainage Impact Studies required of every new subdivision development without any action whatever being taken by the Parish Council.  A mere nine […]

Parish Engineer appears at Special Meeting in Sorrento

When it comes to drainage/flooding issues the Town of Sorrento finds itself at the mercy of Ascension Parish…except for Tuesday night when Mayor Mike Lambert called a Special Meeting to discuss Flood Damage Prevention.  For a few years President Kenny Matassa has ignored invitations from Sorrento’s Council desperate to resolve any number of drainage-related issues.  […]

No fill in flood zone until Floodplain Management Plan finalized? Not a chance

On tonight’s Parish Council agenda is Item 12: Proposed Ordinance – to impose temporary restriction on the placement of fill for major and minor subdivisions in all unincorporated areas of the Ascension Parish not designated as Zone X by the most recent FEMA Flood Maps for Ascension Parish (Councilman Aaron Lawler) The ordinance being proposed […]

Memo to the AG Landry: Answer request on Planning Commission authority already

On October 19, 2018 Ascension Parish, in a letter drafted by Legal Adviser O’Neal Parenton, requested an opinion from Louisiana’s Attorney General.  Two questions were asked: Can Ascension Parish Council through a Charter Amendment make the Planning Commission advisory only for consideration of Major and Minor Subdivision approvales? Would a vote to  override the decision […]

Ascension taxpayers picking up AWT/Tom Pertuit’s fine?

Ascension Parish hired William Daniel to be its Infrastructure Division Director, a position created with him in mind, in October of 2017.  Daniel has stated on several occasions that he was brought on to bring sanitary sewer to the parish’s east bank where new subdivision’s pump more, and more, and more treated wastewater into the […]

Is Ascension giving away too much in industrial tax exemptions?

Ascension’s taxing authorities never met an Industrial Tax Exemption they didn’t like.  At the most recent Parish Council meeting it was Shell Chemical over which members gushed, insipidly begging the petrochemical giant to up its local investment by $1.2 billion in return for a $104 million ITEP exemption (which does not include others expected from […]

HNTB’s Transportation Plan: Another $800,000 wasted

$800,000 worth of funding allocated in 2016, HNTB engineers assigned task of producing a long-range Transportation Master Plan for Ascension Parish was put on the back burner when a $25 million bond was retired, then re-issued to fund MoveAscension’s roundabouts and safety widening of select parish roads.  The firm is back on task, presenting an update at […]

Parenton guilty of intentional subterfuge or rank incompetence

Intentional subterfuge or rank incompetence?  Those are the only possible explanations for Parish Attorney O’Neal Parenton’s latest attempt to game the system and betray the citizens who pay his salary. By letter dated October 19, 2018 Parenton requested an AG’s opinion asking two questions: (1) Can Ascension Parish through a Charter Amendment make the Planning Commission […]

STILL waiting on Floodplain Management? Oust Dempsey Lambert from Drainage Board chair

After five years in the chair of East Ascension Consolidated Gravity Drainage District # 1, it is time for Dempsey Lambert to step aside.  Commonly referred to as East Ascension Drainage Board, the body is composed of ten Parish Council members whose districts lie east of the Mississippi River.  With the $1,227,000,000 for flood mitigation […]

Parish President’s payroll padding (P4) does not include Department Heads (not officially anyway)

Parish President Kenny Matassa’s unprecedented padding of parish payroll does not include three patronage plums near the top of Ascension’s un-codified organizational chart, or does it?  Our friend and former Utilities Director Bill Depew offered commentary on the state of that Department recently: I didn’t know I would be irreplaceable! Two (2) years and they […]